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2019 round-up from Germany

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Supplied by Arne Hoffmann of Genderama.

Please see the original for the German version. This is a translation into English, not by Arne. Most of the links are to German-language sources and Internet searches in English will reveal more on each topic.

January 2019: Gillette (owned by Procter & Gamble) asks men to shave off their toxic masculinity . This campaign causes widespread outrage that German media brand as a “right-wing shitstorm” of “toxic criticism”. The watch company Égard responds to the men’s bashing by Procter & Gamble with a video with positive portrayals of men and masculinity, which wins over half a million likes.

Men Webs, who host the Human Rights And Wrongs blog, operate lists of products to boycott if you feel that you would like to stop supporting companies who openly display sexism and social harm.

Click here to access the MRM Boycott Lists.

January 16, 2019: Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, leader of Germany’s Christian Democratic Union of Germany Party, demands a women’s quota for the Party .

January 31: Brandenburg is the first German state to introduce feminist voting rights [anti-male discrimination on political representation]. The FDP announces a constitutional complaint, the Greens also want to enforce the feminist right to vote in Bavaria. The federal SPD will also demand feminist voting rights within a few weeks .

February 8: One of the earliest and most committed German men’s rights activists dies with social worker and boy educator Wolfgang Wenger. Wenger became known, among other things, as a pioneer of left-wing masculism .

Also on February 8: Minister of Women’s Affairs Giffey is suspected of plagiarism in her doctoral thesis.

February 24: US men’s rights activists win a groundbreaking legal victory against sexist forced entry into the military (“draft”).

March 4: When the Google group wants to act against salary discrimination, it finds that it is not women it pays poorly, but men.

March 7: On the eve of the “big women’s strike”, “Die Zeit ” tweets : “Dear ZEIT readers, please note: due to tomorrow’s International Women’s Day, the female employees of the ZEIT publishing house will not work tomorrow. Business will not continue running as usual.” The tweet is understood by many as an own goal and draws the corresponding ridicule.

March 29: Feminism becomes the top priority in a new Greens policy program: from feminist foreign policy to feminist digitisation.

April 4: An employee of Jan Böhmermann invites me to an interview about the men’s rights movement over a “relaxed lunch” in a “nice restaurant” under the pretext of a new series, which should introduce young viewers to “media underrepresented” topics. Since I react with scepticism, Böhmermann’s employees instead pretend Hannes Hausbichler, the chairman of Austria’s men’s party, to be a serious interview while they are actually trying to show up men’s activists.

April 20: At Microsoft, white men and Asians feel disadvantaged by the group’s “diversity” efforts because of their skin colour, ethnic origin and gender. In an internal forum, an anonymous employee who works as a program manager at the company revealed that top managers get a bonus for hiring fewer white men and Asians.

May 2: After the introduction of a quasi- female quota, the FDP adopts a feminist agenda . The Liberals are moving into the European election campaign with the call for a “gender balance in the EU”.

May: Katarina Barley (SPD) runs for the European elections with the slogan “For a Europe of women”.

Also in May: Before the European elections, “IG Boys, Men, Fathers” asked the Bundestag parties how they were addressing questions relating to paternity law and published the answers. Their conclusion: “All parties were overwhelmed, the SPD did not even consider it necessary to answer.”

Also in May: The current EDEKA advertisement shows fathers as idiots and ends with the sentence “Thank you mum that you are not dad!” The response is boycott calls around 750 complaints to the German Advertising Council – from both sexes. The Frankfurter Allgemeine reports: “Feminists don’t know exactly whether they should get upset because the masculists are already doing it.” LIDL finds the right answer on men’s bashing. The German advertising council reacts with a complaint to EDEKA . [Note: Edeka are not presently on the German Boycott List.]

May 13: With the book Equality begins for two, which I have published, the first work appears, on which feminists and men’s rights activists (as well as couple therapists, conflict counsellors and mediators) have worked together to moderate the gender struggle and to close the gender gap. The echo of the leading media is zero in spite of an intensive press campaign. Either they are hoping for profits from the gender war or a kind of feminist final victory. The latter would be strange: almost every Bundestag party is on a feminist line, but only eight percent of the population.

May 24: In the UK, 30 student activists protest an event organised by the Justice for Men and Boys party at Cambridge University. Access to the venue was blocked and noisemakers made conversations impossible. The rioters poured milkshakes over members of the male-friendly party.

June 6: A success announces itself for the men’s rights movement: The Justice Ministers of the federal states of Germany want to strengthen the rights of bogus fathers. Mothers of so-called cuckoo children should be obliged to provide information in the future.

June 18: Another success: North Rhine-Westphalia and Bavaria want to help male victims of domestic violence, For these men there will soon be a help hotline, an online advisory service and shelters. So far there has been little help for abused men in Germany, said North Rhine-Westphalian Minister of Gender Equality Ina Scharrenbach (CDU) and Bavaria’s Minister of Family Affairs Kerstin Schreyer (CSU) in a joint statement.

Also June 18: In a small request , the AfD in the German Bundestag calls for equal opportunities for boys.

July 1: The film “Because you belong to me” about parent-child alienation (PAS) premieres at the Munich Film Festival .

July 6: The state of Thuringia also decides on the feminist vote [anti-male discrimination], which various constitutional lawyers are critical of.

Also on July 6: On the occasion of the upcoming Gender Empathy Gap Day, the gender-political initiative MANNdat sent a letter to the United Nations regarding the neglect of human rights for men.

July 10: I meet with the West German Radio employee Wolfgang Minder, who wants to make a contribution about “misogynists” and reports that he was repeatedly given my name during surveys among colleagues. I am sarcastic, but would still get involved in such a setup, if that is the only way in which the public-service authorities will carry out their programme mandate and also report on activists for men’s concerns, instead of continuing to silence them. However, it is still necessary to clarify how books like this can can be reconciled with this staging. I never hear a word from this journalist again.

August 2nd to 3rd: The National Conference for Men’s Issues 2019 took place in Toronto, Canada. The list of speakers includes filmmaker Cassie Jaye, Senator Anne Cools, the founder of a men’s house, a professor of political science, the Australian journalist and men’s rights activist Bettina Arndt and many more experts.

August 23: A press release by IG-JMV (interest group for boys, men and fathers) denounces the methods used by Minister Giffey (SPD) to suppress men’s associations.

September 2: I publish my book “Feindbild weiße Männer” (“Bogeyman white men“), in which I tear apart the racism and sexism of the left wing of identity politics. [Arne Hoffmann is himself politically inclined to the left.]

September 25: The legal committee of the German Bundestag rejects an FDP application to establish the “change model” (equal parenting even after separation) as a rule. The FDP member of the Bundestag, Katrin Helling-Plahr, regrets the outmoded model where children only grow up with one parent after a separation and only visit the other.

Also on September 25: The legal committee of the Bundestag debates a quality offensive for family judges . For the first time, the “Interest Group Boys, Men, Fathers” (IG-JMV), of which I myself am a member, is one of the invited experts.

October 2: The British Guardian reveals that hundreds of migrant workers have to toil to death in the scorching heat every year to prepare for the World Cup in Qatar.

October 5: There is a jealousy drama in Kitzbühel , in which three men and two women are killed. Katharina Schulze, Group leader of the Greens in the Bavarian state parliament, tweeted: “It is a feminicide. And toxic masculinity is a massive problem in our society.” This weird interpretation is also found in the Berliner “taz” and the magazine “Vice” which sees “one of many results of the patriarchy” in such actions.

October 9: “De Welt” [‘The World’] reports: “a study shows that in working age, low social status is associated with a high probability of death – and this affects men in particular. In Germany, there have never been more reliable figures for this connection than now.”

October 18: Europol draws attention to female criminals with its “Crime knows no gender” campaign. [In English here.] Often, women are not trusted to commit serious crimes – the crimes they commit are “just as serious as those of men”, explains Europol spokeswoman Tine Hollevoet. Feminist media are put out: this is not how the tearing down of gender stereotypes was imagined there.

October 19: Another study shows that school performance in mathematics and science has deteriorated in six federal states compared with six years ago. The boys’ achievements fell particularly sharply.

Also October 19: The CSU leadership fails with an attempt to push through the expansion of the party-internal women’s quota down to the district association level at a party conference. [There were concerns that there simply were not enough women at district level to fill a quota.]

October 21: Under Minister Giffey (SPD), the Federal Ministry of Women presents its investment programme “Together against violence against women”. A round table between the federal government, the federal states and the municipalities decided that the federal government would invest a total of 120 million euros between 2020 and 2023 in order to better protect women from violence. Protecting men from violence is still not worth a penny.

End of October 2019: A network of child porn mothers is uncovered in Spain. There is no reporting in the German media: such reports bite too much with the image of the old white man that was forced this year as a scapegoat for all evil in the world.

October 30: As a “punishment” for the mass plagiarism in her doctoral thesis, Minister for Women Giffey (SPD) gets away with a reprimand. Apparently this was a very mild sanction specifically introduced for Giffey . While left-wing newspapers would have made it scandalous decades ago that different laws apply to those in power than to ordinary people, the left-wing papers are too busy with enthusiasm for Giffey in 2019. “One to adore” cheers “Die Zeit”, for example.

Also October 30th: A reform of the custody and maintenance law announced  is judged by the FDP member of the Bundestag and family politician Daniel Föst as a disappointment across the board: “For example, mandatory mediation before escalating court proceedings and financial relief for parents who want to raise their children separately in harmony would be necessary. This sitting out of such an important issue is indicative of the state of the grand coalition.” The “IG Boys, Men, Fathers” expressed similarly harsh criticism in a press release .

November 2: The third “German Gender Congress” takes place in Nuremberg. Unlike in the academic field of gender, a wide range of male concerns are discussed.

November 4: At a talk show on the gender debate broadcast by the Australian broadcaster ABC, the participants in the discussion are exclusively feminists, as is customary. This time, however, the one-sided cast of the panel went dramatically wrong: four of these feminists increased their worldview so much that they propagate the use of violence more and more uninhibitedly in the course of the program in order to achieve their political goals. The apparently planned indoctrination of the audience becomes an embarrassing self-exposure of the ideologues.

November 10: Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) declares that he want to remove tax benefits from male-only associations. Of women-only associations, nothing is said.

Also November 10: Bavaria’s Minister of Social Affairs Kerstin Schreyer (CSU) announces that the Bavarian State Government will provide four million euros a year as part of the three-stage plan for the protection of violence and the prevention of violence, which is primarily intended for the protection and prevention of domestic and/or sexualised violence against men.

November 22: After lengthy skirmishes between supporters and opponents of a women’s quota in the CDU, some of which were carried out via the leading media, the decision is not made as initially planned at the Leipzig Party Congress of the Union, but is suspended for the coming year. In the meantime, an equally composed commission is to work out “binding rules” on how the position of women in the party can be strengthened. Although the women’s union and leading CDU politicians put massive pressure on a quota, an election fiasco similar to that of the sister party CSU is feared.

November 27: The anthology Dissenters Project: The Price of Honest Dissent in Cancel Culture , created by international authors appears. The book contains articles by very different people from all over the world who experience repression for their dissenting opinions. This includes a chapter by me on the exclusion of male rights activists in Germany and a chapter by Warren Farrell, the “Martin Luther King of the men’s rights movement” in the USA.

December 18: I publish a “Lexicon of feminist errors” .

December 20: Genderama goes into the Christmas break and asks for donations.

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