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A father’s plea ignored, his son beaten by the mother

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  • This month a shocking video of a mother assaulting and torturing her five-year-old boy and recording it on video has been shared on social media in Egypt.
  • The mother sent the video to the child’s father and his family.

The father and the mother are divorced.

Under Egyptian Personal Status law, although the father is considered to be the guardian of his children, the mother has the right to custody of both male and female children until they reach fifteen years of age. This is applied even if the mother is foreign and intends to take the children out of the country.

The father in this case paid a generous court-approved allowance for the upkeep of the couple’s child, Marwin.

The mother kept demanding more, however.

At one time, she made a video of her beating the child. In a short clip, the boy’s skinny body appears, his tears overflowing as he was severely beaten by a woman asking him in a loud voice to call his father, “Say, come, take me .. the spirit of living with him threw you like a dog.” It seems the threat was to pay more, or to see his son beaten.

The video has been seen by more than a million people in Egypt and raises questions over whether it can be right to always grant custody to the mother.

The father claimed that the mother, Tahani Ihsan, 36, is unfit and has mental issues. The court decided to give the mother couple weeks to work with psychiatrists and will get the child custody back from her sister who lives next door.

Even when custody was temporarily taken away from the mother, it was granted to her sister next door, instead of the father. In a society where both internal propaganda and external pressures pretend that men have an advantage over women it is ridiculous how family law works against a father and his children in need.

Finally, the authorities are taking notice of Marwin’s fate. An official source said in statements that a committee from the council is preparing a comprehensive report on the case of the five-year-old, which will include the violations that he is exposed to at the hands of his mother, signing a medical examination and attaching the medical report to the report.

The source, who declined to be named, added that the report will touch on the father’s good treatment of his four children by his first wife. Hopefully, a sensible decision will be issued by the competent authorities regarding the father’s right to custody of his son due to his mother’s mistreatment of him.

News sources in Arabic:
فيديو أشعل السوشيال ميديا.. القصة الكاملة لتعذيب الطفل مروان على يد أمه بالجيزة
والد الطفل مروان ضحية التعذيب: طليقتى تعانى من مرض نفسى

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