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A sickening ignorance shown about domestic violence

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The UK’s new Domestic Abuse bill is working its way through the system.

In committee, there was a shocking level of bias shown against male victims (or perhaps for female perpetrators).

Examination of Witnesses
Domestic Abuse Bill – in a Public Bill Committee
at 3:24 pm on 29th October 2019.

At one point, Emily McCarron, ‘ Equality and Human Rights Policy Manager’ at Age UK, states “We know that domestic abuse is a gendered crime” yet only two sentences later is saying “…men and women, as they age, are more likely to experience domestic abuse…”
So in what way is domestic abuse a ‘gendered crime’ in any other way than to get financial support from the United Nations – to whom the UK pays in far more than it gets, anyway.

It doesn’t matter the age. It doesn’t matter the race, or the religion or the socio-economic status. And it certainly doesn’t matter the sex: domestic violence happens to all, and is perpetrated by all.

Those in charge of running things need to start to deal with the problem at the social and individual level, rather than using it to play identity politics and engage in the sex war, Yet the lies continue. The problem of domestic violence can only be dealt with when it is all dealt with, not just a little part of it. In the meantime, the lucrative feminist-owned domestic violence industry will continue to perpetuate its income stream.

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