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An interesting parenting advert in Australia

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From an organisation promoting involvement of both parents:

You are the One I Love – Dads4Kids TV Community Service Announcement (30sec Version)
Dads4Kids is committed to see our children thrive! Since 2002, Dads4Kids has worked tirelessly to turn the tide of fatherlessness. Each year, we reach millions of people with messages of excellence in fathering through our Community Service Announcements on TV, Social Media, Radio, and Print Media. Since Father’s Day 2002, the weekly Dads4Kids email newsletter has reached tens of thousands of men, making it the longest-running weekly fatherhood email newsletter in the world.

Dads4Kids has hosted hundreds of fatherhood success seminars, conferences and national summits to inspire fathers and encourage families In 2004 Dads4Kids developed the high-level Good to Great Fathering Course. Some say the hardest Fatherhood course in the world In 2018 Dads4kids released the online Courageous Fathering Course to a world wide audience.

There’s a crisis in Australia. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 870,000 children, around 1 in 6, live without their biological father at home. The data shows that fatherlessness contributes to nearly all the social issues facing our nation today. The statistics are grim, but there is hope.

Dads4Kids has campaigned against child sexual abuse, and in 2008 we helped pioneer a National Men’s Health Policy in government. Through our efforts, the lives of over 2,500 men have been saved. The tide is turning, but there is still so much more to do.

More information on Dads4kids is available from their website.

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