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Anti-feminist party grows in popularity

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Although the socialist party in Spain is still holding the majority, Vox has moved up into a strong third place in recent elections.

Vox is the only party in the country to be openly anti-feminist.

Spain had an election in April 2019 which left the country divided on political policy. This election was supposed to sort that out but instead the political situation is even more shattered.

Vox, described by some as ‘alt-right’, by others as ‘far right’, by feminists as ‘anti-women’, and by human rights advocates as anti-feminist and pro-equality, saw the most significant rise, jumping from 24 to 52 seats, to become the third-largest party in Spain’s lower house, the Congress of Deputies.

Vox have been gaining in the polls ever since they came out against feminism and demanded a repeal of sexist laws in Spain, especially the domestic abuse law that enables a woman to put any man in prison for two days, just on her word.

Voters are showing that anti-feminism is popular.

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