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Author: Candace Owens

The discussion on this video starts by being about something else and then turns to the issue of harming children by ‘circumcision’, known otherwise as genital mutilation. The conversation starts with Bari Weiss, an American opinion writer and editor, talking about her impression of Andrew Yang (campaigning for US President). Joe Rogan, they guy who Read more…

The UK media recently had an article on the women of the men’s rights movement. They have apparently never run an article on the men of the men’s rights movement! Women standing up for the rights of men are not a new phenomenon, any more than men standing up for the rights of women are. Read more…

There is a lot of truth in the saying that women are human beings, while men are human doings. For a woman, it is enough to be whom I am but for a man, or most men I know, at least, you must be active, you need to change things. Maybe some of this is Read more…

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