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Blessed are those who can respond to false accusations with video evidence

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It should be up to an accuser to prove their case, and if they have no proof then the person they accused should remain innocent in everyone’s eyes.

This is increasingly how ‘justice’ does not work.

A recent case in Vorarlberg, Austria, highlights this perfectly. We might well wonder why this case even got to court but this is not some example of repressive tactics unique to Austria, it is just as likely to happen in United States as it did there.

A rape that never happened

One thing is for sure, according to video recording: the alleged rape never happened. The 21-year-old accuser is not dragged by a man into the toilet of a disco, but she is holding hands as they go in the direction of the loos. Outside, the man then waits four minutes, playing around with his cell phone and waiting for the young woman to come out again. He stays fixed in view of a camera all the time, and is shown to never enters the ladies’ room.

Yet the young woman cried bitterly in the taxi going home and tells her friend of a rape. “I believe her one hundred percent,” says the girlfriend in the witness box.

And that may be the biggest part of the problem. “Believe the victim” has not only become too big a mantra in people’s heads but people have forgotten that the victim might well be the person accused, not the person making the allegations.

A psychiatric report has been ordered to clarify whether it is possible that the alleged victim imagined the whole story. Even the video evidence of innocence might not be enough if a shrink follows the “believe the victim” doctrine.

This entry is based on a translation from VOL.AT by Christiane Eckert.

3 comments on “Blessed are those who can respond to false accusations with video evidence

If you’re going to post something like this, you need to provide a link. How am I supposed to share this article and spread the word, like on Facebook, or my own blog (Zeuszoos Slams the World), when it has zero info on the case? A URL? Who? Where? When?

Seriously. I’m not trying to slam you. I would genuinely like to share these stories (with link to the article here on your blog), but all folks would come away with is the basic questions not being answered.


At the bottom of the article is a link to the original text, which is in German. If you are able to read German, you might find more through that article.

However, on the veracity of the report, I agree with you that it is not very good. We have slightly lower standards for brief reports, rather than articles, but it looks like the smart headline had me carried away, for normally I would want enough so that at least a local person could determine the truth. In this way, the article is below my usual standards.

Thank you for helping keep up the standards here. Merry Christmas.


N.B. You have an interesting blog. I have added it to the Global feed run by Men Webs.

Thanks for the response and the add and have a great holiday! 🙂

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