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Bus demanding equality is attacked

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MADRID, DECEMBER 17, 2019. The HazteOir.org association has filed an appeal against the sanctioning file of the Barcelona City Council that could result in a fine of up to €60,000. This is for taking the #StopFeminazis bus to the city on 4 March 2019; a bus emblazoned with words which requested the repeal of sexist laws.

The passage of the HazteOir.org bus through Barcelona led to radical groups showing their violence. The vehicle was attacked and the occupants harassed and threatened. At least a dozen people linked to the alt-left Popular Unity Candidacy party (CUP), and other ultra-left groups, brave enough to hide their faces, prevented the free movement of the bus, threw stones, painted, placed stickers and ripped off the vinyl of the bus (see leading picture).

The demonstrators effectively proved what the bus, and HazteOig, have been saying for some time: left-wing extremism has become the norm.

What the Barcelona City Council denies is the right of a legal association to denounce that gender laws do not solve the problem of violence against women and discriminate against men solely because they are so. Therefore, the sanction is deeply undemocratic because we are punished simply for expressing something different to Mrs. Ada Colau and the parties that are subject to the dictates of gender ideology.

HazteOir.org spokesman Javier Villamor

In their sanction, the Barcelona City Council claims that the #StopFeminazis bus of HazteOir.org “was intended to contribute to creating a climate of hostility and tension towards battered women as a group.” But the council fails to explain how it can be possible to interpret a declaration for sexual equality as being in favour of the mistreatment of women. Nor do they explain how they can pretend that this creates a climate of hostility against battered women.

The #StopFeminazis campaign denounced feminist supremacism and was aimed at legislators to pursue all types of violence with the same vigour, regardless of the perpetrator or victim.

HazteOir.org spokesman Javier Villamor

It was, therefore, a criticism against the Gender Violence Law for being discriminatory.

This article is based on an English-translation extract from the Spanish original, with the permission of the publishers. The full article on this, in Spanish, is available from Hazte Oir.

One comment on “Bus demanding equality is attacked

They messed up! They didn’t succeed, because in the hashtag, they forgot to capitalize the “n” in “nazi”. It should have read #StopFemiNazis

All seriousness aside, this is no surprize. Feminism runs the entire West, with the Libtard (M)ain(S)tream (M)edia fully on board!

So it doesn’t matter what the reality is. The police will be told to stand down until someone decides enough and defends themself. Then they’ll arrest that person and the media will frame it as a violent attack by women haters.

No surprize.

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