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Investigations had begun in Sweden, where the authorities had tracked down a network of mothers who produced sex videos with their own children and then commercialised them on the Internet. Having caught two of the ringleaders, a third escaped to Malta, where the trail was lost. The Spanish police have been working in cooperation with Read more…

The number of prison deaths rose by 6% to 334.
Self-inflicted prison deaths in England and Wales have increased by 23% in a year.

Seldom do we ever hear that men are stoned or flogged on a more frequent basis. So it is good to see the Daily Mail keep up with a trend to report on the times when men have it tough around the world.

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On 23 October 2019, the government formally announced that it had no idea how many women in prison were mothers, let alone mothers of dependant children. Unsurprisingly, it has no idea about fathers, either.

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