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The mainstream news is completely hysterical, writes Godders. Yes, there is an overwhelming case for immuno-suppressed persons to self-isolate, especially if such persons have certain co-morbidities. Unsurprisingly, this self-isolating group will also include frail pensioners. All persons in this vulnerable cohort, who ought to self-isolate for the preservation of health, already know that self-isolation is required. However, Read more…

We look at the disparities in healthcare in dealing with COVID-19, popularly known as Coronavirus. As at the end of February 2020, a combination of reports compiled by the World Health Organisation⇩1Report of the WHO-China Joint Mission on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19); World Health Organization; 28 February 2020 and the Chinese CDC⇩2The Epidemiological Characteristics of Read more…

Time to Talk Day 2020 is taking place on Thursday 6 February. Choose to talk about mental health and help change lives. It’s that simple: just make an effort to talk about it with someone. Your health, their health, someone else’s health: just talk. Not so easy? Need a little help in knowing how to Read more…

Seham Abd El-Salam is a confused Egyptian scholar who believes that “Feminism … is there to build new and fairer social politics for both genders”. Nevertheless, Seham has done some research on the area of male and female genital mutilations and comes to some unusual conclusions. This article is an extract of the report ‘The Read more…

The discussion on this video starts by being about something else and then turns to the issue of harming children by ‘circumcision’, known otherwise as genital mutilation. The conversation starts with Bari Weiss, an American opinion writer and editor, talking about her impression of Andrew Yang (campaigning for US President). Joe Rogan, they guy who Read more…

Why does any country tolerate multiple, easily avoidable, deaths? Why does any country not deal harshly with parents who put their children in harm’s way? Why are parents allowed to deliberately harm their children? The deaths in South Africa are not just the occasional mishap. 20 one month, 30 the next, often more. Regrettably, it’s Read more…

In a new draft proposal, the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) say they will end their program of infant circumcision in Africa.
They have been using an unsafe circumcision device that was sued out of business after causing too many botches – the Mogen Clamp.
They now plan to use the ShangRing device: an untested device that will be tested for its botch rate on African adolescents.
The PEPFAR guidelines reported are only a draft, so there is a chance for action.

A prominent gay intellectual and one of the first to call for same-sex marriage in his 1989 book ‘Virtually Normal’, has sounded a warning about the fast rise of transgenderism and the harm it is doing, particularly among young people.

Detransitioning is a growing issue and young women appear to be the most seriously affected.

Is it time we went back to reality?

DARVO (deny, attack and reverse victim and offender) is a tactic often used by narcissists and other characterologically disturbed individuals. Basically, the narcissist accuses their victim of being the aggressor while the narcissist claims to be the victim. It’s a combination of gaslighting, projection, blame shifting and smear campaign. And it is crazy-making if you’re Read more…

A customer of Yo Sushi have told us that his local restaurant has been raising funds for Movember. Leaflets in their stores advertise Movember and list some of the effects of discrimination against men, including the number who die from male-only cancers and the volumes who take their own life. We congratulate Yo Sushi for Read more…

What is a man? That is the question I am required to address.
Let us replace the question “what is a man?” with the command “be a man!”. Now we cannot deny that there is real content to that command, as any man subject to it will know.
This male genetic filter mechanism is the ground-zero of male disposability. All specific manifestations of male disposability are, I claim, consequences of it. This is rather a bold claim given that, in the case of humans, many of the manifestations of male disposability are highly culture specific.

It is astounding that the same organisation that is willing to spend millions of dollars on promoting genital mutilation (only of males) is still willing to admit the truth about the global male health gap.

This International Men’s Day, appreciate the men in your life and thank them.

Trinidad and Tobago, where International Men’s Day began in 1992, is back on the headlines. Psychologist Dexter De Bellotte calls for safe spaces where men can talk about their problems.

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