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Category: genital mutilation

Seham Abd El-Salam is a confused Egyptian scholar who believes that “Feminism … is there to build new and fairer social politics for both genders”. Nevertheless, Seham has done some research on the area of male and female genital mutilations and comes to some unusual conclusions. This article is an extract of the report ‘The Read more…

The discussion on this video starts by being about something else and then turns to the issue of harming children by ‘circumcision’, known otherwise as genital mutilation. The conversation starts with Bari Weiss, an American opinion writer and editor, talking about her impression of Andrew Yang (campaigning for US President). Joe Rogan, they guy who Read more…

Why does any country tolerate multiple, easily avoidable, deaths? Why does any country not deal harshly with parents who put their children in harm’s way? Why are parents allowed to deliberately harm their children? The deaths in South Africa are not just the occasional mishap. 20 one month, 30 the next, often more. Regrettably, it’s Read more…

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