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Complementary Sex Roles Hold Society Together

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A species is served best by what secures its progeny (biological premise or creation). Something not fully realised is that our progeny’s perpetuation is dependent on another person’s progeny’s perpetuation, and that means the best arrangement that benefits each of these people (half-units) simultaneously serves as the best preferential outcome for both, even if it’s not immediately realised. Two can not occupy the same role (niche’) and be as successful as two in complementary roles who work together in tandem as a team (complete unit). Equality of the sexes doesn’t mean being the same because we are not the same but opposites in a pair of two equal parts.

The brain itself reflects a very similar arrangement. Besides having both a right and left hemisphere, the brain requires a basic ability to function. For a mind to think, a person must have memory content. But having a memory isn’t enough. A person must not only have something there but be able to use it. This requires reason and application, like a motor requires a transmission to put a vehicle into motion. Thus, both are essential to engage the mind to think—like a tool box and someone who knows how to use the tools and for what purpose they are used. But male and female brains are different too which also reflects a bio-social component at the most basic level of our human existence.

The smallest human unit/component necessary to perpetuate life involves a very similar arrangement existing between a man and a woman, with one known best for reason and the other more prone to memory. (Other complementary sex differences exist, as long as they are not used against the other half of the sex population.) As a part of the complementary arrangement created by nature, neither role incumbent is better than the other nor is therefore to have privileges or a status above the other. They exist as equals. When members of the opposite sex tear down the other sex, they are tearing apart that portion of the other for whom they are biologically designated to complement, destroying a part of themselves as a whole in the process. The complete unit being essential to our existence—a biologically proven pathway to perpetuating human life—is now purposely being destroyed due to indoctrinated hatred that does not exist in any other species. In addition to creating a much poorer quality of people in this self-destructive process, it’s pathetic that humans think of themselves to be so smart yet foolishly deny their existence at such a basic biological level.

This excerpt from the book A Flaw From Within by Alan Millard first appeared on NEWSOFX.
© Copyright NEWSOFX and reproduced here with kind permission.

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