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Conference on Men’s Issues, New Delhi, 2020

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  • SIFF is running a conference on men’s issues
  • Friday 21 to Sunday 23 February 2020
  • New Delhi venue will host talks and discussions

The event will start on Friday afternoon. There will be morning till evening full day conference sessions on Saturday and Sunday.

There will be a press conference and media interaction sessions.

One of the main intentions of this conference is to burst the alimony extortion bubble created by Govt, media and Courts. Maintenance laws under CrPC 125, DV Act and Sec 24 etc, create financial liability running into crores of rupees for young men. Govt is increasing maintenance amounts along with inflation and men have to pay monthly alimony to separated wife for whole life (40-50 years) unless she gets a job or gets remarried. One will end up paying in crores of rupees. If a man is unable to pay due to ill health or disability, he will be thrown in prison. Today for a professional man, getting married is as much liability as taking a loan of 1.5 to 2 crore rupees.(1 crore = 10 million)

Your conference tickets

Included in your ticket:
Attendance to Conference at a corporate conference venue
Buffet lunch on 22-23rd Feb
Tea, Coffee and snacks in morning and afternoon on 22-23rd Feb

Topics in National Conference

  • How to expose huge alimony extortion by Govt (and courts) after telling us, “woman is a burden”
  • Public Interest Litigation approach by SIFF at Supreme Court of India to change anti-male laws
  • How to spread SIFF support network in many more cities across India and conducting workshops in all these places.
  • Getting man’s human right to have access to his children and his parenting rights.
  • How to lead a movement in your city/state? How to create mentoring process to get new activists coached?
  • How Govt violates rights of Non-Resident Indian (NRI) men and what needs to be done.
  • Panel Discussion: How to generate funds and sponsor-ships for Men’s Rights Movement?
  • Panel Discussion: How to build activism in a new city or state?
  • Panel Discussion: How to support male victims to reemployed? How to help male victims rebuild their careers?
  • Panel Discussion: Roadmap for our campaign to burst alimony extortion bubble, once for all.

Speakers Planned

Roopenshu Singh
Talk: Hope & Justice is never the same for all

Suprakash Khuntia
Talk: “Activism” , The Lethal Weapon To Win The Custody Battle

Anil Kumar
Talk: Blitzkrieg: Activism Made Simple

Mike Buchanan
Talk: How feminists are destroying Western Civilization

RP Shah
Talk: Stabilisation of SIFF Center HYDERABAD
and Value of weekly meeting

Jeet Banik
My journey through MRM of India and Center building.

Pandurang Katti
Talk: Mens Issues, A roster

Satish Babu
Talk: My Experience in Contesting Election and how it impacted in winning my case

Rajesh Vakharia
Talk: How to engage Media for Men’s Rights

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