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Month: December 2019

One of the problems is that no country wants to be first. Whichever country first makes cutting up a little lad’s genitals illegal in clear and unambiguous terms is going to come under fire, even if all it is doing is bringing in laws that make the situation with little girls equal, or as equal as the differences can make it.

Already, courts around the world are having to go into the most obvious contradictions in order to judge violating boys different than for girls as a crime. This means that even the protection of girls is threatened as courts must decide whether to give boys equal protection to girls, or give parents the same rights over their daughters as for their sons.

It should be up to an accuser to prove their case, and if they have no proof then the person they accused should remain innocent in everyone’s eyes.

This is increasingly how ‘justice’ does not work.

The three main (perhaps only) MPs to speak out against feminism have retained their seats. By contrast, some distinctly sexist/feminist candidates have been rejected at the polls.

The major areas of sexist discrimination in Britain are unlikely to see any improvement. It doesn’t matter which of the two main parties are in power, they both implement more Cultural Marxism and erode the rights and opportunities for everyone in society.

To have human rights respected, they must appear reasonable and feasible. They need to be matched by human responsibilities and societal rights, and rights must be enforceable.

Some men, even knowing what they have lost, are not bothered about it. Some feel deeply about it, sometimes leading to sexual problems such as apathy and impotence. For most, the damage is physical, with a loss of sensation that — if they were operated on as a baby or young child — they might not be aware of. The psychological damage is barely investigated, but is known to range from an increased tendency to clinical anxiety to deep problems over body image, personal independence, and masculinity.

It is a parental right to being up children to follow our religion and culture. It is crossing the line of human rights for parents to force their religion upon a child, mentally or physically. Physically adjusting a child to fit a parental preference is a human wrong.

Sales marketers, advertisers and politicians are masters of manipulating our cognitive bias towards the familiar. And the familiar doesn’t have to be factual to become the accepted truth.

Oddly, complaining about it can do the opposite to what is desired, as it repeats the original lie. This is a propaganda coup, since getting people to ask if something is the truth (were the Twin Towers destroyed by planes?) actually reinforces that it is the truth.

All it takes to remove the lie is to follow the same tactic of repetition to put facts back in the position of truth.

The UK media recently had an article on the women of the men’s rights movement. They have apparently never run an article on the men of the men’s rights movement! Women standing up for the rights of men are not a new phenomenon, any more than men standing up for the rights of women are. Read more…

Historically, matriarchies have never survived long. Most of those we do know of — like the Amazon warrior tribe — are fictitious. So what’s it like to be a man in such a society? For the 800,000 or more men belonging to the Khasi-Jaintia Scheduled Tribes of Meghalaya, they don’t have to wonder. Meghalaya (meaning Read more…

Dutch supermarket chain was the only source for a blasphemous comic Successful petition campaign had the supermarket remove the comic In the days when a small but highly influential minority are influencing society that there is no difference between a male and a female, we have to wonder why this same minority are responsible for Read more…

There is a lot of truth in the saying that women are human beings, while men are human doings. For a woman, it is enough to be whom I am but for a man, or most men I know, at least, you must be active, you need to change things. Maybe some of this is Read more…

Verden er ikke designet for menn! – Jeg er hvit, pusher 50, er gammal, sur og forbanna. Da stemples man som en anti-feministisk gubbe. Men jeg er kvinne, det ødelegger liksom alt.

In a new draft proposal, the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) say they will end their program of infant circumcision in Africa.
They have been using an unsafe circumcision device that was sued out of business after causing too many botches – the Mogen Clamp.
They now plan to use the ShangRing device: an untested device that will be tested for its botch rate on African adolescents.
The PEPFAR guidelines reported are only a draft, so there is a chance for action.

Justice for Men & Boys report that the numbers of abused men is much higher than most people would think. Whether as a childhood or as adults, men are only slightly less likely to have experienced sexual abuse than women. Mike Buchanan, the UK political party’s leader writes: Our thanks to Rob, a generous Australian Read more…

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