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Month: February 2020

Islam Alloush arrested in France and charged with war crimes. Alloush had been in France on a legally-obtained student visa. He was at one time the spokesman for Jaysh al-Islam. Jaysh Al Islam is one of over a dozen factions involved in the fighting in Syria. Jaysh al-Islam (“The Army of Islam”), is a coalition Read more…

The House of Bishops affirms heterosexuality as key to Christian marriage. The family is stated as being vital for society. While man & woman Marriage can be blessed for practising Christians, Civil Partnership is outside the Church, regardless of sexuality. The statement by the upper house of the Church of England legislature is contained in Read more…

Time to Talk Day 2020 is taking place on Thursday 6 February. Choose to talk about mental health and help change lives. It’s that simple: just make an effort to talk about it with someone. Your health, their health, someone else’s health: just talk. Not so easy? Need a little help in knowing how to Read more…

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