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Don’t just be: DO!

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There is a lot of truth in the saying that women are human beings, while men are human doings. For a woman, it is enough to be whom I am but for a man, or most men I know, at least, you must be active, you need to change things.

Maybe some of this is given to you by the upbringing that you had, which was almost certainly mostly from a woman in your earlier years. I suspect that much of this need to achieve is the wonderful masculinity coming out. To fight that drive is to deny your own nature.

Oddly enough, I read quite a lot of MGTOW stuff which helps me understand men and boys a great deal better than anything else, and helps to put aside the constant feminist drumming.

This was posted just today on newsofx (geddit?) and almost makes me wish I were a man, to have such energy, daring and drive.

Being Your Best Possible Self By Tim Patten

Case in point: imagine that you have been invited to give a 10-minute speech on your most passionate hobby. Suddenly, your heart stops. Can you really do it? you wonder. Can you get up in front of many people and not be overcome with stage fright or laughed off the podium? At that point, you breathe slowly and steady yourself. You realize that while you’ve never been a great public speaker, the subject matter you adore is pressing you to say “yes.”

Tim Patten is the author of MGTOW: Building Wealth and Power, a handy investment guide, and MGTOW: Why I Cheat, a collection of campfire stories for men. His latest book Masculinity Is Our Future is available also in audio format. He has devoted his life’s work to celebrating masculinity and is active in the men’s liberation phenomenon.

His article deserves a read.

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