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Don’t use long words when diminutive ones will suffice

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You may feel that it is hard to express yourself in simple language without being erudite in exemplary fashion.

But my good chap, you have an excellent diminution of only a single extractivated subpart of the entire conundrum. For whence come misunderstanding in the absence of corporeal existential being (to be totally inclusive)? Perhaps my erudite discombobulation of the issue was too obtuse so I will quote my great friend the extremely late Confucius who is claimed to have said, muttered, wrote, sung or otherwise expressed thusly:

If no-one is in the forest when the tree falls, does the tree make a sound in falling?

Now, personally and in my opinion, achieved over a lifetime of lived experience, my good mate Confy didn’t go to the right lengths for who is to say that there was an arboreal demotion at all? But that may be another subject altogether.

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