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Feminist group admits violence and destruction

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German journalist Gunnar Schupelius has organised a ‘March for Life’ parade every year for some years now. As a journalist he occasionally writes about the need for nations to be at peace, and for dialog over violence at all times.

So it is perhaps not too surprising that he has been targeted by feminists for his activities.

Just after Christmas, 2019, a church in Tübingen was spray-painted and a minibus was set on fire in front of the church. Although much of the reporting concentrated on the €40,000 cost of the vandals, the damage to the local community as they were made to fear the terrorists is undoubtedly the greater harm.

Early in 2020, another church, the St. Elisabeth, in Berlin was attacked with paint.

A photo of St Elisabeth, Berlin, before the feminist attack

They didn’t like St Elisabeth’s because it had opened its doors to people who believe in life and peace, and rejected violence and killing.

The feminists claim that the March for Life serves as a platform for “fundamentalist, anti-trans, homophobic, anti-Semitic, mysoginist, patriarchal and right-wing conservative” speakers, and therefore the attack was legitimate. The organising body of the March denied there was any truth to such claims.

We exclusively promote the cause, namely the unrestricted right of any human being to his life, no matter where he comes from, what he looks like, what his religious or political attitude is, or where he is.

Federal Association for the Right to Life (Bundesverband Lebensrecht e.V, or “BVL”)
(translated from German)

In between these two church attacks, the group set fire to a car owned by Gunnar Schupelius, the man who started the March and still plays a leading role. The feminists even boasted of knowing that he lived there, with children. Their terrorism won’t be stopped just because children are involved: these are people who consider any child’s life expendable.

Indeed, the feminists went so far as to publish Schupelius’s home address in a bid to incite further violence by others. They are out for the organiser of the biggest regular march in Europe on behalf of babies and unborn children.

I don’t suppose anyone in Germany will like me mentioning it, but these are the true inheritors of Nazi Germany, deploying just the same tactics.

This is what feminism looks like.

The only difference is that they don’t have to print leaflets to boast of their actions, they publicise their activities and intentions on a website and tell their victim to run. While not spelling out what they will do, they make little secret that this is his second warning from the group: the first was in 2014, when he had his car torched that time, too.

From attacking priests in South America, through the campus violence and book burning in the USA, the the campus violence and attacks on conference attendees in Canada, to death threats and attacks on political figures in the UK, death threats and vandalism in Germany, disruption and violence in Russia, assaults in India .. can anyone really doubt what feminism leads to?

The group claiming responsibility for the attack, Feministische Autonome Zelle, had previously attacked an evangelical church in Tübingen on December 27, and is unapologetic about its use of violence. They admitted that Schupelius also does charity work, but scorned his social contribution as one that only assists “those who subject [themselves] to the concept of hetero-normative worldviews.” Helping the poor and underprivileged, it seems, should only be the purview of abortion enthusiasts.


This groups of attacks has been widely denounced, with Protestant clergy and Catholic bishops releasing a joint statement of condemnation, noting that this attack was nothing less than an attempt to use violence to intimidate dissenting points of view. The president of Germany’s journalist union concurred, noting on Twitter that the feminists’ attack constituted a “disgusting attack on press freedom.”

Feminism is a hateful ideology whose proponents don’t care about what other people want, nor what they think. Anyone who supports feminism is supporting a anti-egalitarian nightmare that is becoming all too real as decent people struggle for equality and a safe society.

For more pictures and commentary, see A Grain of Sand, Feminists Firebomb Christians:

Such attacks are becoming increasing common in Germany. On December 6 four Munich-area churches were daubed with slogans such as ‘Burn the churches down’ and ‘Neither God nor master – destroy the patriarchy’. The damage was estimated at thousands of euros.

One comment on “Feminist group admits violence and destruction

Niall Pembroke

I’m very saddened to hear of these violent attacks and threats against Herr Gunnar Schupelius, his family and church by some cowardly feminist Nazi’s. You have my support and best wishes against their intimidation and violence and I sincerely hope no harm comes to you or your family and friends. I recognise and concur with the sentiments in your statement on feminism. It is not a benign movement nor do those who identify as feminists genuinely believe in an equal society. Violence against peaceful people is the action of the bully.
Best wishes
Niall Pembroke (London)

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