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Feminist violence around International Women’s Day

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As some feminists go so far as to deny the existence of women, other feminists continue their campaign of violence and intimidation. On 8 March and the day after, there were campaigns of violence in various countries.

Most Women’s Day Marches around the world progressed peacefully. Quite what they were marching about is often obscure: chants like “They kill us, they rape us and nobody does anything” are heard in countries even with the death penalty for such things and in the safest countries in the world (for women: men are always more at risk). In Spain, the issue seemed to be about stopping prostitution, something that is fought against by female prostitutes, as it was in France.

In Mexico, masked gangs of feminists, mostly women, attacked police, telephone boxes, churches, cars and passers-by. Videos clearly show that the thugs arrived on scene with equipment to do damage, including posts and cans of paint and sledgehammers.

Women’s Day marchers were protesting about the murders of women, which they called ‘femicide’. Mexico is middle-ranked among countries for its homicide rates, though it is one of the few countries in which homicide is on the rise. 89.3% of murders in Mexico are of men. If women really do want equality, they are likely to end up with a great many more murders yet.

Across Mexico, including in the capital Mexico City, protesters attacked Catholic cathedrals, mostly by throwing paint on the churches, but some attacks incendiary devices, including Molotov cocktails.

In Mexico City, the small group of policewomen was quickly overcome by a group of violent women, who attacked the walls of the church building. Also involved where a handful of faithful who were trying to protect the cathedral from vandalism, a common occurrence during feminist rallies in Latin America.

Inés San Martín; Crux Now

As many people have already found out, trying to appease feminists only makes matters worse. The Catholic Church in Mexico has been reacting to the feminist violence by making changes, and issuing statements in support of women. It only seems to draw more violence towards them.

In France, small outbreaks of violence by radical Women’s Day marchers, some against the police, were performed. Despite them having children with them, the feminists were verbally and then physically abusive. Videos on Twitter show groups of women with the Nazi salute, something becoming common around the world.

French police are being criticised for using tear gas against some of the crowd who were violent but early analyses indicate that the police had to do something, though they were heavy-handed about it.

In Cameroon, there were detonations of explosives in one town during a March, but this is thought to be connected with separatists, and not with feminists. No one was injured by the blasts.

Chilean feminists with the socialist salute

In Kyrgyzstan, there were clashes of violence. Early reports are that these were started by masked men attacking the women’s march but almost everyone the police arrested for violence turned out to be a woman. The march was illegal for not having been cleared in advance with the police, a standard practice in many nations/

In Chile, masked feminists started by marching with the communist fist sign, then went on to attack police and police stations.

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