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Feminists and sinking standards

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Episode 111 of The Fiamengo Files

Professor Janice Fiamengo sums up the reasons why, as we all know, you will never find a feminist on a sinking ship.

Fiamengo outlines the double standards that drive the feminist mind-set, and capitalise on the primal gynocentric nature of the species in order to place feminist dogma outside of the realm of question, while using it to push forward societal changes that are enormously damaging to men and women.

She uses multiple examples to illustrate how feminism’s dishonest claim that it represents all women, allows feminists to cast anyone who questions their doctrines as anti-woman, even when those doctrines are hurting women. The biggest irony is that feminists use the gender differences that they claim do not exist, as the most powerful weapon against the men they claim are somehow privileged.

Political and sentimental feminism

She sums up those feminist double standards by explaining the difference between what E Belfort Bax called political and sentimental feminism. Political feminism, Fiamengo shows us, is a push for something feminists call “equality.” It usually means equal numbers of men and women in high prestige or high paying jobs, and usually necessitates a jettisoning of any commitment to meritocracy, combined with and acceptance of gender-based discrimination against men. Sentimental feminism is what feminists use to protect their doctrines from question by appealing, for want of a better term, to old fashioned and very “patriarchal” traditions of male chivalry.

Feminism’s Only Standards Are Double Standards

She alludes to the fact that this sentimental feminism is so ingrained in social norms that what many people, especially feminists, see as misogyny, is often simply a lack of the expected special treatment for women.

Failure by any man to make all kinds of allowances for these double standards or to uphold the expectations of chivalry, is often instinctively cast as misogyny, even by other men. Feminists speak of equality while demanding, and usually getting, special treatment for women. 

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