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Former Labour MP speaks against the ‘intolerant LGBT minority’

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A former UK Labour Member of Parliament (MP) who supported parents protesting the teaching of LGBT issues to their children without their consent has been axed by the party as a candidate for the coming election.

Roger Godsiff, an MP for 27 years, was deselected by the national party last week after a concerted campaign by LGBT activists. He had previously been reprimanded by the party for supporting his constituents in their protest against LGBT teaching at primary school (ages 5 through to 11). Under new regulations schools are required to consult parents about the teaching of Relationships and Sex Education and ensure it “meets the needs of pupils and parents and reflects the community they serve”.

The deselection move is seen as a warning to other MPs who might be sympathetic to parental concerns about the roll-out of inappropriate sexual education. It comes after a survey last year found that 54 per cent of MPs did not feel they could speak freely on transgender issues for fear of attacks on social media and being accused of prejudice.

In Hungary, even a communist government in the 1960s kicked out György Lukács for introducing sexual activity to young schoolchildren, almost a hundred years ago. The UK is regressing from even that backward state.

How sad that in 2019 an MP can be sacked by his party merely for standing up for the justified concerns of his constituents. Mr Godsiff told supporters that “a small intolerant vindictive group within the LGBT community” had carried out a “vicious and vindictive campaign of character assassination” against him. British politics is supposed to be based on the principle that constituents can find representation in their MP: but it appears that the Labour Party aren’t happy with this.

It is increasingly clear that in our once free and tolerant society, there are influential people who believe only one opinion should be allowed. Free speech is increasingly a casualty of so-called ‘progressive’ politics.

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