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Human Rights Activism, Advocacy and Change

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Learn about the role of social movements, advocacy groups and activism in bringing about social change.

A free course is available for you, as part of a MicroMasters® Program.

In all societies, advocates and activists play an important role in ensuring that human rights are respected, protected and promoted. While no formal course can be expected to be all and only what you want, this course could be a good foundation to understanding and implementing your interest in human rights advocacy or activism.

In this course you will explore the role of social movements, advocacy groups and different forms of activism in bringing about change. It covers a range of social movement theories and concepts and explores specific movements and campaigns to illustrate the diversity of movement philosophies, methods and outcomes.

Topics to be explored include:
• Social movements and power
• Women’s rights and activism: unity and difference
• Mahatma Gandhi: satyagraha, satya and ahimsa
• Women and nonviolence movements
• Saul Alinsky: citizen participation and organisation
• Frantz Fanon and decolonisation
• Queer(y)ing human rights activism
• Indigenous protest and activism
• Disability rights and activism
• Refugee rights and activism

Take a course in Human Rights Activism, Advocacy and Change to improve your knowledge, understanding and ability.

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