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Human Rights and Wrongs

Addressing issues where human rights have gone wrong

About Human Rights And Wrongs

This blog is hosted by Men’s Web to spread the information needed on human rights and on human wrongs.

Men’s Web and Human Rights And Wrongs is not aligned with any political or charitable organisation, and cared for by volunteers. If you would like to take part, use the contact form to let us know how you think you could be helpful.

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Why we care

There are lessons from the past — and we don’t have to go too far back — which teach us all that censorship, totalitarianism of the left or the right, turning our collective or individual backs on human mistreatment leads to human and environmental disaster.

It’s always easier to let someone else bother about that .. “what’s on the telly tonight?” Every time that humanity has suffered there was always a point at which enough people in the right place could have stopped it. We don’t feel comfortable not doing our part to help make tomorrow a better world than today.

Research policy

There is an increasing trend of professional journals to ban studies that do not confirm to political correctness. We believe that professional journals should concentrate on peer reviews, not on whether something is politically acceptable. Without the willingness to be extreme, and to reveal uncomfortable truths, we would still be thinking the earth is flat, with the sun going around it.

Human Rights And Wrongs will be happy to publish the results of any ‘banned’ study.

At least one professional in the field who was not part of, or connected with, the author team must support the report. This sponsor approach is so that we do not get swamped with junk science: there must be at least one peer who has reviewed the material. The sponsor is the person who should contact us, with their own preface if they wish.

We understand that this is less rigour and perhaps less publicity than a study deserves. Nevertheless, it is what we can offer and it is our part in combating the increasing trend to censor material that is only unacceptable because of the conclusions it leads to.


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Specifically, we acknowledge and appreciate:

We also thank those many people around the world who work to secure people their human rights, or to address human wrongs.