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I have a scream

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Originally published by Network for Men for International Men’s Day, 2018.

I am happy to share with you that there is hope.

As high as that mountain may seem, I must tell you:

I have a dream.

And my friends,

there is a tunnel at the end of the darkness,

yet beyond that twisting tunnel I see a time,

when angry men will sit down with their current tormentors

and talk about the weather

or even of love for one another.

Employers, educators and even politicians will proclaim,

“We don’t care that you are boy or man,

you too have human rights

and you too can be a part of this great nation

that your fathers before you built.”

Three score years and ten ago,

a great united nations organisation proclaimed

that all peoples should be equal

and that discrimination against them was wrong.

But seventy years later, men are still not equal

the human male lives in isolation from equality

amidst an abundance of talk of rights.

He languishes in the corners of society,

each year more exiled from the people and country he loves.

I have a scream

every time someone tells me that men have privilege

yet they cannot tell me what use is this privilege.

I see a time

when words like ‘positive discrimination’

will be seen in law for the lie within it.

And people all over this great country of ours

can go swimming, or running for a charity

at a time and in whatever company they choose.

And in that time all police officers and child welfare officers

Will be armed with the knowledge

that the natural family is what’s good for society

And that an accusation is not the same as a conviction.

I have seen a time

and I have a scream,

waking sweating from a dream, or a nightmare.

I could see thousands of men on the dole

being told how privileged they are,

while yet another program to help only women

is launched by the government those men voted for.

I have seen a time when no man may stand for election

because women are so much better at government

even though wars and famine

are created by females just as much as males.

I have a scream:

when men are denied a good education

because someone proved that women need more;

when the whole medical profession

was stripped from their figures

just to prove that few women are in STEM.

And my scream went on as politicians who do know better

claimed that fathers were just a waste of time

unless, that is, it is time to pay.

I have a scream

coming around from a dream which was more like a nightmare

to find that I was awake the whole time.

It was no dream that a boy has his whole body protected by law

except that part which marks him clearly male.

I am here today my friends to tell you

that the time is coming

when all people, regardless of genitals or colour or class,

will have equality before the law

and victims will see justice done

even if their assailant is a pretty white female.

And children throughout the land will live

with the security and comfort of both natural parents.

I see this time coming

because this time must come

though I may never see it happen.

The time is coming –

I may not be there with you –

but I have seen that time,

and as a fighter for a sane and cohesive society

it pleases me

to give you this opportunity

to share my vision of hope that men and boys

will be allowed their basic human rights.

And I just hope you can find it within you

To work forwards to a goal where

men and women are no longer social enemies

but live in harmony and joy.

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