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SNP: If you can’t encourage women to work, beat them into it

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During yet another misinformed debate in the House of Commons on Gender Equality in Boardrooms, Carol Monaghan, Shadow SNP Spokesperson (Education) said:

I do a lot of work with science and technology companies and there is still a struggle in many of them to get women into senior positions or get women in at all. We have been using the carrot for decades now to try to get more women into the boardroom; when are we going to start using the stick?

So it seems that if women aren’t prepared to accept the huge financial bonuses for getting into the work that feminists in Parliament want, the SNP will take the stick to them.

Unsurprisingly, misinformation was handed out by the Ministry for Women and Equalities by Elizabeth Truss:

…one of the big issues is the gap that we have in school education, with fewer girls going on to study maths and science later in their school careers…

If Ms Truss knew what she was talking about, she would know that 5,446 more girls do maths A Level than boys do physics A level and that girls do better than boys in Biology and in Chemistry and in the combined Science Double Award. But perhaps she does know these things: instead of being an ignorant Minister for Women and Equalities she may be something worse.

Eddie Hughes MP pointed out that the chief exec of the Chartered Institute of Building is a woman, Caroline Gumble. Ms Truss completely misses the point that a woman is already at the top of the construction industry and says

..as well as Bob the builder, we need Brenda the builder.

but then goes on, despite the debate being about getting more women into boardrooms, with an astonishing statement that is hard to take seriously:

In every walk of life, it should not matter whether someone is a woman or a man; it should matter how good they are and how much effort they put into the job.

Then the SNP really show their feminist colours as Alison Thewliss, Shadow SNP Spokesperson (Treasury) first states that the Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee is 89% female, and then goes on to ask:

Will the Minister encourage the Bank to employ more women in senior roles, and the Chancellor to appoint more women when he gets the chance?

Nothing about balancing up the numbers there, to ensure a better gender balance. Oh, no. Just “more women, more women, more women”. According to Ms Thewliss, there’s only one man left on that committee!

Ms Truss has clearly forgotten that her title has the word “equality” in it and responds:

The hon. Lady is right. I describe finance as the final frontier for feminism. We have never had a female Chancellor, and we have never had a female Governor of the Bank of England. The Governor’s job is coming up very shortly, so I am sure that the Chancellor will hear what the hon. Lady has to say.

Next general election, the one question to be asking your candidates is how much they support men and the principle of putting the best person on the job, regardless of sex.

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