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International WHAT day?!

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You might think that the 8 March is International Women’s Day. Not everyone would agree.

While there are those who wondered why there should be an International Women’s Day without an International Men’s Day (there is: it’s on the 19th November, the day before World Children’s Day) few have considered it wrong to have a day to celebrate women.

Until now.

Now, it seems that to celebrate being a woman and promoting the female half of our species is wrong, according to some. Not because they are not worthy of it, but because, well, because being a woman is problematic in a society that increasingly panders to the feminist idea that there is no such thing as a ‘woman’ anyway!

It’s not just on Merseyside that International Women’s Day is now considered ‘problematic’. At Leicester University, students have planned a week of festivities – but the word ‘woman’ is nowhere in sight. Instead, students are celebrating ‘International Womxn’s Week’, a move instigated by their trans-woman women’s officer, Dan Orr – a biological male, otherwise known as a man. In a newsletter to students, the university explained: ‘We use the term “womxn” as a more inclusive spelling of “women” that includes any person who identifies as a womxn.’ So that’s clear. The category of women no longer refers exclusively to adult females; rather, it has expanded to include any man who feels like calling himself a woman.

How ‘woman’ became a dirty word, Spiked, UK.

We have seen in the past few years the tendency to “de-woman” certain feminine persons who don’t fit the correct narrative. This ‘cancel culture‘ has been applied to women who support the men’s rights movement, as well as to women who dare to openly declare feminism as their enemy.

International Women’s Day has been branded by many as a day for “honouring women, transgender, and non-binary persons” as though women can’t have a day for themselves.

As one feminist at Oxford University puts it, “woman” is not a sex, it’s not even a gender any more, it is rather an umbrella term under which anyone supportive of feminism can be grouped. Those who don’t support feminism, don’t belong under the label, apparently.

As a taster of this, the organiser of Toronto Women’s Day events, when asked about her icons, listed people like Georgina Beyer, as the first trans person ever elected to a federal government from New Zealand; and Cynthia Peterson, as the first person to use “lesbian” to refer to herself in the first person.

Is that your idea of womanhood?

But feminism, ever inconsistent in its dogma, also is responsible for the denial of ‘woman’ to every woman because it denies the wonderful colourful world of the trans/LGBTQI+ pressure groups. Who make up altogether no more than 3% of the population, many of whom disagree with the lobbying being made supposedly as “their” identity.

Men have been getting a raw deal from society as ever greater pressure is put upon them to perform impossible feats. Now, it seems that it is women’s turn to learn a little of what it can be like to be a non-person.

Will you celebrate International {some-kind-of-gender-or-political-identity} Day?

We thank all women for their efforts and achievements, and ensure we know what is really meant by a woman: they’re half of everyone’s ancestors.

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