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Is marriage still viable?

Many good families add up to a good society.

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The foundation of society is the building block that society is made from, the family. The family is made secure by commitment between the adults; commitment to raise children together, look after one another, build a home and financial security to cover life’s emergencies and for old age. Commitment is assisted by public vows to one another, which takes the form of marriage.

Marriage is the surest family for a child.
Marriage still offers the best security for a child

Unfortunately, marriage is crumbling. An astonishing, disturbing percentage of “till death do us part” vows are spoken and proven empty. Countless families are shattered and scarred. Alas, what can be done to mend such brokenness?

What the UK lawmakers are currently doing is trying to crumble society further by encouraging the break-up of marriage, even though a whopping 82% of people are against no-fault divorce.

What is marriage? It is meant to be a lifetime commitment between a man and a woman for mutual encouragement, companionship and procreation. The future of society rests upon healthy marriages producing healthy offspring. The world can be a cruel and lonely place. It is beneficial for people to have a loving, supportive family to come home to when the inevitable storms of life manifest.

Why are marriages falling apart? Easy access to divorce plays a considerable role. Now, one does not even have to prove one’s spouse broke the marriage vows. One can unilaterally proclaim the relationship to be ended and the government honours that decision. Worse yet, the same spouse who breaks the vows can end the marriage, take custody of the children and be entitled to assets and monetary support from the other. Two-thirds of marriages are ended at the wife’s instigation.

The reasons why we should have stronger marriage are something that the Coalition for Marriage is explaining in a series of talks around the country.

They are inviting anyone to attend, free, their local talk. From sex education to transgenderism, crime levels to national prosperity, they give the evidence for why real marriage is still best for society, even while men’s a fathers’ movements are pointing out that it is a bad deal for men, and getting worse.

Free admission,
No booking required,
Put your local talk into your diary now.

Download your copy of the timetable for February 2020.

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