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Istanbul Convention – wolf or horse?

Domestic Violence is not a gendered crime.

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It is easy even for most politicians just to read what the title says and believe that all must be okay. After all, Istanbul Convention Action against violence against women and domestic violence must be good for society, right? Well, it would be if the content of the convention echoed the title and kept to the title, if if it missed off the harmful gendering.

But whether the Istanbul Convention is a wolf in sheep’s clothing or a Trojan Horse depends how you analyse it. After all, some of the stench of this rotten treaty is plainly visible to anyone with a command of the English language (which makes one wonder about the abilities of the person who signed it). But other aspects, we admit, will take a smidgen of thinking to realise the enemy concealed among and between its various parts. In no country has the Convention been accepted easily – in limiting human rights and ignoring gender equality, it contravenes the treaties and laws of most nations who have signed it.

In its signing of the Istanbul Convention, the UK government committed itself to take “necessary measures to promote changes in the social and cultural patterns of behaviour of women and men to eradicate traditions and all other practises which are based on stereotyped roles for women and men.”

The Istanbul Convention, A Feminist Trojan Horse; Lotus Eaters

The Convention has now been signed by 46 countries. Of these, Poland and Hungary have decided they will not ratify it (that is to say, they will not make it part of their law, and will retract from it). It has had two constitutional challenges and Bulgaria’s Constitutional Court has found that it contravenes sexual equality aspects of their own constitution [it breaks international law in the same way]. Turkey, who hosted the conference in Istanbul that gave the Convention its name, has denounced it.

The Istanbul Convention is essentially a further deepening of VAWG policies. It does not explicitly make anti-feminism illegal…but it does make many aspects of feminism obligatory in law. It is a collection of guidelines complete with taxpayer-funded compliance inspectors which embodies radical feminist ideals, and will infringe on, if not remove entirely, many of the individual human rights of male…citizens. Bluntly put, it is anti-male fascism.

The Illustrated Empathy Gap; William Collins

To anyone who takes as much time studying what the convention says instead of protesting against it being denounced, it becomes obvious the ways that it not only will harm society by implementing strict non-equality but will also threaten many women’s job. Just as women are beginning to trickle in to some traditionally masculine fields of work, they could be banned under the terms of the Convention.

But the Istanbul Convention is now spreading outside of Europe and is being promoted in Africa and South America. Those who care about men and boys, those who care about society, even those who care about women and girls need to fight off this treaty before it infects your nation.

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