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Jesus was a girl, says Dutch comic book

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  • Dutch supermarket chain was the only source for a blasphemous comic
  • Successful petition campaign had the supermarket remove the comic

In the days when a small but highly influential minority are influencing society that there is no difference between a male and a female, we have to wonder why this same minority are responsible for nonsense such as “Jesus was a girl”.

If there is no difference, why are they so hell-bent on re-writing the past to make everyone into a female? Well, everyone seen as doing good; all the bad people are left as (or converted into) a male.

Citizen-GO Netherlands released a press notice on 4 December 2019, to celebrate a successful campaign they ran to get the blasphemous comic book off the shelves of the Dutch supermarket chain Dirk van den Broek .

The comic book was titled ‘Jesus Christ was a girl’. It was being promoted in a free magazine spread exclusively in Dirk van den Broek supermarket stores. On the magazine’s website, people could enter a contest where they were able to win a copy of the comic book.

CitizenGO, after being warned by a member, launched a petition calling on them to stop promoting the blasphemous comic. The campaign reached more than 37,000 signatures in less than four days, which caused Dirk van den Broek to apologise and not only remove the contest from the website, but also pull all the already printed and distributed comics from all of their stores nationwide.

In the campaign, people told Dirk van den Broek: “By promoting and spreading this blasphemous comic, you deeply insult your Christian customers”. The supermarket was warned that if the comic was not removed, signatories would take their custom elsewhere.

Human Rights And Wrongs believe that this is the most effective way to stop businesses trying to force a ‘politically correct’ agenda on society. Take your business away from them. That’s why our parent organisation, Men Webs, runs the MRM Boycott Lists.

After launching our campaign on Saturday, the signatures came in very fast so that by noon on Monday it had around 22,000 signatures (the final count is more than 37,000). That day the supermarket came with an official apology which made a number of headlines, including in the biggest national newspaper. They said they were sorry if they had offended any ‘readers or groups in society’. They also said they had immediately removed the competition from the website where you could win the blasphemous comic

Michiel Hemminga, campaigns director at CitizenGO Netherlands

The campaigns director of CitizenGO in the Netherlands expressed gratitude for the citizen support the campaign received.

One comment on “Jesus was a girl, says Dutch comic book

The attacks on sense and humanity can be big and small, outrageous and plain stupid. I think this is in the last bucket. It is an apprentice piece of a minor demon. Laughable but typical of the banality of evil.

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