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Joe Rogan on the maiming and killing that is part of normal circumcision in the USA

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The discussion on this video starts by being about something else and then turns to the issue of harming children by ‘circumcision’, known otherwise as genital mutilation.

The conversation starts with Bari Weiss, an American opinion writer and editor, talking about her impression of Andrew Yang (campaigning for US President). Joe Rogan, they guy who looks like he is in his pyjamas, catches something she says in passing. But Joe doesn’t let it pass without a few minutes on the topic.

…I don’t know if I agree with him on like … he’s like against circumcision…

…”Against circumcision.” You don’t agree with that?

I .. no …

Really? …. cutting baby dicks?

I’m not, like, passionate about that are you?

Yeah! People lose their dicks! A lot of kids every year. Do you know children die from that? …. It’s very common, like multiple children per year lose their penis from an unnecessary, antiquated, operation where you cut off their dicks to make it look different.


You’re cutting skin off of their dick and they wind up getting infected and they lose their dicks. It doesn’t happen all the time but it happens enough times where you go “this should never happen” This is a completely unnecessary operation.

The host then goes on to quote some of the statistics. Not that they have ever been researched properly and the figures he quotes are the very minimal figures:

Robert Baker estimated 229 deaths per year from circumcision in the United States.
Bollinger estimated that approximately 119 infant boys die from circumcision-related each year in the U.S. (1.3% of all male neonatal deaths from all causes).
There are several case reports of death in the medical literature.

CIRP — Circumcision Deaths

Yeah this is not simple: you’re cutting skin. Skin is an organ. You have an unnecessary operation (I’m circumcised) that you’re doing to an infant, and it’s ‘decorative’.

Mm-hmm. …. And you don’t buy any of the studies about how it prevents STDs?

No, no I don’t. Wash your dick!

I cannot believe we’re talking this.

We should be talking about it. Well, why not? Kids are dying. How many of them have to die before we say this is an ancient ridiculous ritual? It doesn’t make any sense.

This is a good question: how many have to die? There are far too many parents who won’t have their children inoculated because of a minute chance of some adverse side-effect, yet people will damage a child’s genitals even though that child stands a small — but not tiny — chance of terrible side effects which include losing his penis or dying.

I’ve seen the arguments for and against, like that it prevents STDs .. you know what prevents STDs? Condoms and abstinence, that’s what prevents STDs and in some cases vaccinations, this is what prevents STDs. This circumcision is ridiculous; doesn’t even makes any sense.

I cannot believe I stumbled into this because I was talking about Andrew Yang …. I didn’t know this was like a strongly held .. you’re an intactivist, is that what they’re called?

Yes, whatever — ‘intactivist’ that’s a good word but I’ve never heard that expression — but that’s exactly what I am, yeah. Don’t cut baby dicks. It’s real simple: you say it that way, people go “yeah that sounds gross”, we you “circumcision” like “oh what a wonderful ritual and it’s symbolic of your journey until….” get the fuck out of here, you’re cutting baby dicks.
It doesn’t make any sense. I mean it’s not as disgusting as what they do to woman’s clitoris’s … but it’s you mutilating a kid you’re just doing it in a way that it’s okay.
I’ve talked to people who have had immediate family members who have horrible illnesses or injuries from circumcision. It’s terrible.

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