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Kursat Pekgoz fights on for men

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A prolific Title IX activist and former Ph.D. student at the University of Southern California (USC) alleges that his school retaliated against him for his activism and that they “did all they could to sabotage” his chance of earning a Ph.D. 

Kursat Pekgoz studied Molecular Biology and English in Turkey and worked as a translator for some time. In 2014 he applied to USC in hopes of earning a Ph.D. in English. USC wooed him away from other universities with an offer of the highly coveted Provost’s Fellowship, which covered his tuition and gave him a living stipend. 

The 31-year-old has since become a prolific Title IX activist, demanding equal treatment for men as well as women. That hasn’t suited feminists in control at USC, who have dismissed him from the Ph.D. program in English Language and Literature.

You can read the story of this incredible example for human rights activists at The Post Millennial.

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