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There are many websites of interest to those wanting to find out more about human rights issues, human wrongs issues, and associated discrimination and disadvantages. We list some of them here. Not all are still active but if not, they hold material of interest.
Some of these websites are also good for helping those who want to advocate for rights, or become activists.
If there are any websites you think should be on this list, or should be removed from it, please let us know using our contact form for the purpose.

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Sundry Links

Note: some of the links listed here are regional, rather than fully global. Typical is North America, and Europe. In reality, few sites cover the entire world even if, like Human Rights And Wrongs, they are willing to.

1 in 6 If you’re a man who has experienced sexual abuse or assault, you’re not alone.

A Catalogue of Lies Occasional blogs about lies told by feminists, some years since last posted.

After Abortion Experts on both sides of the abortion debate agree that abortion contributes to mental health problems in some women.

Attorneys for the Rights of the Child on a mission for legal and human rights of children to bodily integrity

Ava Brighton YouTube video channel

Bane666au YouTube video channel

Breaking Away from Modern Feminism why this woman is leaving the collective

Bloodstained Men, also on Facebook — foreskin is not a birth defect.

Christy0Misty YouTube video channel, an anti-feminist who is married and the mother of four

Citizen GO — defending and promoting life, family, and liberty
{available in several languages}

The Counter-Feminist — archive

Daisy Cousens YouTube video channel, political and cultural commentator

Dalrock — how the post feminist world impacts myself and my family

Dean Esmay‘s ‘Red Pill Religion Lounge’ YouTube video channel

Eeny Meeny Miney Mo parental alienation is Emotional and Psychological Abuse.

European Association of Parental Alienation Practitioners aims to further understanding around the problem of parental alienation for families and children at policy and practice level across Europe.

European Dignity Watch — defending fundamental freedoms and responsibility, marriage and the family, and the protection of life.

Fathers for Life promotes fathers within, not without families.

Feminist Deconstructionism

Freedomain Radio – podcasts and blog on philosophy from Stefan Molyneux

Gynocentrism and its cultural origins

Honey Badger Brigade

Human Rights And Wrongs — helping the struggle to achieve a healthy society

Independent Man YouTube video channel of an incisive commentator on human wrongs. Also has a website.

Janet Bloomfield (JudgyBitch) — archive

Janice Fiamengo YouTube video channel of the renowned Fiamengo Files

Jewish Circumcision Resource Centre

Jordan Peterson

Justice for Men Men’s Rights, Laws and Equal Justice for Men

Karen Straughan (GirlWritesWhat) – blog This is what anti-feminism looks like.

Karen Straughan (GirlWritesWhat) – YouTube video channel

Men Going Their Own Way

The Men’s List — resource to find a mental health professional (North America and UK)

Men’s Rights Movement (Facebook) — public page

Men’s Rights News (Facebook) an information page for men’s rights supporters

Men are Good (Tom Golden) blog

Men are Good (Tom Golden) – YouTube

Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW)

Men Matter Too

Men’s Activism News busy site with various men’s news items

Men’s Psychology (Eldritch Edain)

Men’s Rights Blog

Men’s Rights Edmonton

Men’s Rights (Reddit) advocating for the social and legal equality of men and boys

Men’s Tribune

MHRA Connect You’ve heard about the MHRM and would like to help in some way?

MRA Greatest Hits YouTube video channel, old

Neonatal Cutting Neonatal genital cutting is a very serious decision.

New Male Studies an international journal for research and discussion of issues facing boys and men

NEWSOFX men’s rights are human rights too

North Carolina Fathers

Parental Alienation — how we deal with and talk about parental alienation matters

Platform for European Fathers supporting involved fatherhood

Pro-Male / Anti-Feminist Technology using technology to benefit human rights

Rad Fem Hub Exposed Exposing the Male Hate, Genocide promoting, Terrorism Encouraging and the Anarchy that Radical Feminists aim to install, World Wide. Not the conspiracy theory: the facts.

The Rational Male YouTube audio channel

The Real Sexism Project

Regarding Men (Paul Elam, Tom Golden, Janice Fiamengo)

The Reinvention of Man Deciphering the Decline of Masculinity

Sage Gerard (Victor Zen) – blog archive

Sage Gerard (Victor Zen) YouTube video channel

Secular Traditionalist — a case for the patriarchy and for the traditional woman’s right of cultural self-determination.

Shrink4Men (Dr Tara J Palmatier) — Helping men break free from abusive relationships

Stardusk YouTube video channel

Steve Brulé YouTube video channel

Stop Abusive and Violent Environments (SAVE) working for effective and fair solutions to sexual assault and domestic violence.

The Thinking Housewife

Toy Soldiers For the forgotten men and boys who suffer in silence

UN Family Rights Caucus — on a mission to protect and promote the natural family as the fundamental unit of society

Viva La Manosphere! — an online feed aggregation, something like Men Web‘s but with a different emphasis

Warren Farrell

Web Healing — The Path of Grief Can be Tough

White Ribbon (Erin Pizzey)

WikiMannia -what Wikipedia should be saying about men’s issues

Women Against Feminism — so sensitive, tumblr hide it!

Women Against Men — archive

Women for Men

World4Justice — archive

Your Whole Baby information about foreskin and circumcision

Australian Men’s Health Forum — working to tackle the social factors that shape men and boys’ health.

Australia Men’s Rights Association — promoting gender equality for men and their children. AMRA also run the Australian International Conference for Men’s Issues.

Bettina Arndt — fighting misandry and campus censorship.

Family Voice – Christian voice promoting true family values for the benefit of all Australians.

Helping Men

One in Three raising public awareness of the existence and needs of male victims of family violence and abuse.

Lone Fathers Association of Australia Facebook page.

Men’s Link — encouraging, counselling and mentoring young men in Canberra.

Men’s Rights Sydney

Men’s Sheds Australia

The Politically Incorrect Australian — Confessions of a Recovered Leftist.

Ten to Men — The Australian Longitudinal Study on Male Health. From the Australian Institute of Family Studies.

Canadian Association for Equality — committed to achieving equality for all Canadians.

Canadian Centre for Men and Families — Toronto’s first hub for the health and well-being of boys, men, fathers and families.

Canadian MGTOW — Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) refers to men committed to self-determination.

Parental Alienation (archive)

IG Jungen, Männer, Väter — Neustart für Geschlechter- und Familienpolitik in Deutschland

Agens — gesellschaftspolitische Arbeitsgemeinschaft Organisation, die durch Forschung

Auschfrei — Für einen konstruktiven Geschlechterdialog und gegenseitiges Verständnis


Frankfurter Erklärung— Gleichberechtigung ist nicht Gleichstellung

Genderama deckt alle deutschsprachigen Berichte ab
(covering all German-language reports)

MANNdat — “Aktuell bearbeiten wir über 30 politische, überparteiliche Themen.”
(“Currently we are working on more than 30 political, non-partisan topics.”)

man tau — Beiträge zur Zivilgesellschaft

Väteraufbruch – die Aufrechterhaltung der Beziehung der Kinder zu beiden Eltern nach einer Trennung, indem er sich für das Recht der Kinder auf Vater und Mutter als unentziehbares und unverzichtbares Grund- und Menschenrecht einsetzt.

Men’s Development Network — promoting change and equality within society. “Better Lives for Men; Better Lives for All”

Men’s Sheds (Ireland)

Misandry Abounds

VIDA SV — Defender la vida humana en todas sus etapas, es decir, desde la fecundación hasta la muerte natural.
(Defend human life in all its stages, that is, from fertilisation to natural death.)

Your whole Baby (Todo Tu Bebé) La información que encontrarás aquí te ayudará

Unis Pour le Familles (UNAF) – institution engagée avec et pour les familles depuis 1945, est l’expert des réalités de vie des familles.

Apák az Igazságért Kh. Egyesület — Mögöttünk gyermekek és férfiak tíz és százezrei állnak. Ezért vagyunk mi az Apák az Igazságért!
(Fathers for Justice): site in English
(Väter für Gerechtigkeit): Seite in Deutsch

Eurocsalád Workgroup — a European civil group fighting for the legal security of parenthood.

Children’s Rights Initiative for Shared Parenting – no longer active but there are several articles that may be of interest

Man to man solutions — website of author Vivek Deveshwar

Men’s Rights India — support and advocacy.

Mens Rights India, Facebook and website
पुरूषवकासा संरक्षण समिति

SIF Karnataka — “the flag bearer of Men, Family, Father, Parent, Child rights in the Indian Subcontinent”

Save Indian Family Foundation — effective campaigning. SIFF also run the International Conference for Men’s Issues when it is held in India. WhatsApp Group here or यहाँ क्लिक करें .

Vaastav Foundation — creating a social structure, for preserving and protecting Men’s Human Rights, so as to foster stress free society

Masculinist Evolution New Zealand — news and discussion about men, fathers, family law, divorce, courts, protests, gender politics, and male health.

Movember New Zealand — “Our fathers, partners, brothers and friends are facing a health crisis, yet it’s rarely talked about. Men are dying too young. We can’t afford to stay silent.”

MannsForum – en stemme for gutter, fedre og menn
(a voice for boys, fathers and men)

6oodfella YouTube video channel. Main focus is on people who claim to be victims, but who are not victims.

Abused Men in Scotland (AMIS) a non-profit organisation to help men experiencing domestic abuse. Direct support to men, advocacy and campaigning for further inclusion of male victims for domestic abuse services.

Accused.me.uk for men who are victims of false allegations (of rape).

Ageing Well Without Children Community Interest Company with a focus on the issues facing those ageing without children, whether by choice or through circumstance.

Alternative Sexism Project blog, no longer active

Angry Harry The late Harry could be considered one of the founding voices of the modern men’s/fathers/children’s rights movement.

Anti-misandry (Facebook)

Association of Child Protection Professionals

Biased BBC a very busy forum

Campaign for Merit in Business against quotas that don’t put the best people forward, regardless of age, sex, race, etc.

Campaign for Real Education press for higher standards and more parental choice in state education

Catholic Man UK every Catholic man is a brother

Childcare Proceedings Exposed on miscarriages of justice taking place on a daily basis in secret family courts. Site now only available on archive.

Children’s Rights Alliance for England — a membership body for organisations and individuals committed a society where the human rights of all children are recognised and realised.

Christian Vision for Men — introducing men to Jusus. Meetings and resources.

Coalition for Marriage campaign group supporting traditional marriage which is between a man and a woman, to the exclusion of all others and for life.

Conservative Woman occasionally has items on human rights, or human wrongs, issues.

Court Without a Lawyer If you have to go to court, here’s some advice on how to represent yourself.

Dad’s House helping Dads .. be Dads.

Daily Mash satire

Domestic Abuse Business Support gives genuine advice to businesses on how to cope with the gender war/politically correct minefield

Dr Jules Gomes, “The Rebel Priest”

Dr Randomercam YouTube video channel. Make up your own mind on this one..

Elizabeth Hobson (Director of Communications, J4MB) YouTube video channel

Equi-Law — detailing gender inequalities in law.

Honest Ribbon — end violence against everyone!

UK Human Rights Blog — run by 1 Crown Office Row barristers’ chambers.

Ewan Jones sociologist and political commentator

Ex Injuria moving beyond injustice

Exposing Feminism blog, no longer active

FACT – Falsely Accused Carers and Teachers (and other professionals) Supporting victims of false allegations of abuse in an occupational setting

False Allegations Support Organisation — information; advice; emotional support; for anyone affected by false allegations of abuse.

Families Need Fathers (UK) because both parents matter

Fathers 4 Justice

Female fed up with feminism

FNF Both Parents Matter Cymru (Wales)

Genital Autonomy It’s a personal choice {or should be}

Glass Blind Spot YouTube video channel pointing out the elephant in the room

HEqual Advocating for equality in the media

Human Rights And Wrongs Addressing issues where human rights have gone wrong

Ignored Gender, The YouTube video channel addressing gender equality matters

Illustrated Empathy Gap Excellent scientific analysis of gender issues by William Collins. Challenging public incredulity on the disadvantages faced by men and boys.

Is the BBC biased?

Justice for Men and Boys (and the women who love them) the only political party in the English-speaking world specifically standing up for the rights of males. J4MB also run the International Conference for Men’s Issues when it is held in Europe or North America.

Jews Against Circumcision

Karen Woodall Trans-Generational Psychotherapist Treating Parental Alienation

Ladies for Philip Davies Facebook. Philip Davies MP has been one of the few MPs in Parliament consistently advocating for equality treatment of the sexes.

Lads Need Dads — preventing potential problems where boys are missing a father-figure in their lives.


London Group YouTube video channel of a non-profit organisation who raise awareness of anti-feminist and anti-political correctness.

Lucy Faithfull UK-wide charity dedicated solely to tackling child sexual abuse.

Male Survivors Trust Offering information on for male survivors of child sexual abuse or adult rape.

ManWomanMyth playlist of 117 videos of another man who could be considered a father of the modern men’s human rights movement

Mankind Counselling support to the 1 in 6 men affected by unwanted sexual experiences

Mankind Initiative For Male Victims of Domestic Abuse

Men Matters YouTube video channel

Men’s Aid charity providing practical advice and support to men who have been abused

MenSpeak Men’s Groups offline (London) and online meetings

Men’s Health Forum 1 man in 5 dies before 65..

Men Shouldn’t Marry

Men’s Minds Matter not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the prevention of male suicide

Men’s Rights UK (Facebook)

Men’s Sheds (UK)

British MGTOW

Mike Buchanan (Facebook) advocate, politician and men’s activist

Mothers at Home Matter

National Association of Alienated Parents

National Secular Society

Network4Men (N4M) Meet, Befriend, Learn, Act

Parents Against Injustice (PAIN) a voluntary organisation, run and funded by volunteers who try to provide help and support to families caught in the care system

Parity Equal Rights for Men and Women

Paul Lavelle Foundation charity to raise awareness of domestic abuse involving men.

ProLife An Alliance born from young voters, pro-life groups and others concerned that many current policies are deeply harmful to individuals and society.

Prostate Cancer UK funding research to stop prostate cancer killing men

Protection for Men (Facebook)

Real Sexism Project Despite what you have been told, in the western world today almost all legal and lethal sexual discrimination is against men.

Red Pill archived site

Representation of the People Act (1918)

Respect domestic abuse charity

Rights of Man, The An old site but with many gems in it.

Sargon of Akkad YouTube video channel

Science vs Feminism site archive

Screen, The don’t believe everything you read

Society to Establish a Minister for Men and Boys

St George West Telling the truth has become a revolutionary act, so let us salute those who disclose the necessary facts.

Suffragents Fighting for gender equality – no longer active

Survivors Manchester

TEMPER! For those seeking help to address / change their abusive or violent behaviours

The real story of my twin boys, Oliver and Oscar Ferreira

Thunderf00t YouTube video channel

TL;DR YouTube video channel

UK Addiction Treatment Centres “We will help you beat your addiction”

Unfounded — an alliance to speak as one voice in the fight for justice for victims of false allegations

Unknown Misandry aka Unknown Gender History

William Collins (The Illustrated Empathy Gap)

World 4 Justice Archive of banned site.

Zara Faris “Women’s Rights Without Feminism”

A Voice for Men – the most popular men’s rights site in the USA

Accuracy in Academia — a non-profit research group wants schools to return to their traditional mission-the quest for truth.

An Ear for Men Your Masculinity Isn’t The Problem.

Center for Family and Human Rights (C-Fam) — promoting a proper understanding of international law, protecting national sovereignty and the dignity of the human person

Children’s Rights Council – the best parent is both parents

Community of the Wrongly Accused — archive only

Dads Divorce – a subset of a commercial company with some helpful articles

Daddy Justice

Dads Now — over half the fathers and husbands in America have been denied the fundamental right to be in the family.

The Daily Counter — Action Through Citizen Journalism, caring about children and parents

Doctors Opposing Circumcision a non-profit, all-volunteer organization

Eagle Forum Pro-family

Fathers for equal rights – a vision that society will recognize the right of every child to have a healthy relationship with both parents

Fathers’ Rights’ Association of New York State — a charitable, nonprofit comprised “completely of volunteers who are dedicated to the rights allotted to fathers”.

Father’s Rights Movement – men & women interested in issues related to family law and child custody

Fathers United – to eliminate paternal alienation and fatherlessness

Families First Indiana – mental health counseling, education, and crisis intervention

Fearless Fathers A blog for fathers who have been deprived of their rights

Feminists for Life

Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) YouTube video channel

Independent Women’s Forum

Life News wanting life

Men’s Human Rights Movement (Facebook)

Men’s Rights blogPro-masculism and anti-feminism

Minnesota Fathers & Families Network – supports practitioners and agencies who work with fathers

National Coalition for Men major men’s organisation of long standing

National Parents Organization Preserving the bond between parents and children.

RAMZPAUL unz video channel

Shared Parenting Works — Children deserve fully functioning, natural, loving, equally dedicated relationships with both of their parents whenever possible.

The SoCraddock Method

Title IX For All Stay in the loop regarding litigation, advocacy, policy trends, public opinion, and research.

Bill Burr (comedian)

Glenn Sacks, Columnist & Media Commentator

Hubris Herald satirical news & opinion

Joe Rogan stand-up comic

The Knight and Drummer a unique blog, a ‘Free House Internet Tavern’

LPS publishing Independent publishing company

The Onion — trust the news at your risk!

Steve Brulé — Hot topics in News, Documentary, Film and Entertainment