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Men are supported by women in Parliament

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Unheard of in most countries, New Zealand’s parliament has a cross-party group of women who are encouraging recognition of International Men’s Day, 19 November.

Louisa Wall MP and Jo Hayes MP, who co-chairs the Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians New Zealand Group (CWP), say that men should be valued just as women should.

CWP is working to support the rights of women and girls and to create opportunities for them, but that doesn’t mean that men’s interests should be ignored, or their contribution devalued.

International Men’s Day is an opportunity to spread a message of unity, and respect for all people, regardless of age, ability, social background, legal status, race, beliefs, sexual orientation or gender identity. The day focusses on objectives that are very similar to those that we aspire to for women. At heart, this is what we want the world to be for everyone.

Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians

For most countries, men being asked to be treated as well as women are usually results in journalists looking at you as though you do not have all the cups in the cupboard. In the eyes of the identity-political leftists, standing up for men’s issues is considered at least half-way to being a Nazi. The idea that leading female politicians would demand such things would be downright bizarre elsewhere.

We congratulate the CWP and thank them for avoiding the human wrongs popular in so many other nations.

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