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Parental Alienation (Backlash Prevention)

Stop psychological splitting

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Prior to May 2019, parental alienation had been the subject of academic debate regarding its validity as a psychological condition. But that debate came to an end in May.

In that May, the World Health Organisation (WHO) Member States agreed to adopt the eleventh revision of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, commonly known as ICD-11. Parental alienation appears in ICD-11 as an Index Term under code QE52.0, thus providing clinical validation of the condition as a mental health issue.

Feminists were not pleased. Just before WHO made their announcement in May, a “Collective Memo of Concern” was sent to WHO seeking to reverse the decision. The lead author, Linda Neilson, was joined by a cast of 173 lawyers, criminologists, sociologists and representatives of those who earn money from continuing family violence (it’s a lucrative business).

This axis is still intent on reversing the position by petitioning WHO accordingly. Inaction will leave the field open for them to succeed. Here’s how you can help defeat this backlash…

Go to icd.who.int/dev11/l-m/en

Register – it doesn’t take long – you don’t need to answer all the questions.

Once logged on type “parental alienation” in the search box, and then click on the words “parental alienation” which subsequently appear.

Next click the blue tab called “Proposals” on the far right of the screen.

Scroll down until you see the entry by Linda Neilson title “Delete Entry Proposal”. She is proposing that PA is deleted from ICD-11.

Scroll down to the end of her text, just before the comments on her proposed deletion, and click “Disagree”. You should see the associated count reduce by one (which will mean, if it’s negative, that the number gets one bigger in magnitude).

That’s it. Well done.

Your opinion counts

Including signing up for the first time, you can make your opinion count on a global scale within seven minutes.
After you have registered your disagreement, you can invest more time reading through other comments, making your own, and seeing other posts trying also to ban anyone caring about the alienation of parent and child.

This entry is based on a post at The Empathy Gap on 25th October 2019.

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