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MRM Boycott Lists


Why the lists exist

Companies are using the beliefs of individuals to encourage, make, or enforce, social changes. The best companies have always had a charitable side to them and this has often worked to society’s benefit.

What has been happening lately is not very charitable, however. Companies, particularly the global ones, are setting agendas that are not so much charitable as ideological. It is not even always clear that the agenda is set by the company directors as a whole, rather than just by one or two influential people who may not even be on the board.

Business has a responsibility and opportunity to be the driving force for the advancement of universal human rights.

Paul Polman

Regardless of the company’s internal politics, there is only one way the general consumer can affect a business:
    To buy or not to buy.

What is on the lists

There is one list for each country or region.

The lists have names of brands, which might be a company name as well, that belong to a business which has gone against the interests of men or children.

It is entirely for you to decide what to do with the brand names listed. Information is being provided to you without intent or guarantee of any sort.

How the lists are formatted

The lists are in plain text files. This is done so that you can be sure there are no hidden problems with the file. It also takes up minimal space on any device.

The products are groups alphabetically, to aid checking while you shop.

The lists

Click on a list to open it in another tab of your browser, or right-click and choose to download it.

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