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Socialists call to start fighting feminism

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In a surprise move, the UK socialist newspaper Morning Star is asking socialists to directly oppose dogma that have been a part of left-wing/SJW/feminist policies for the past two decades or more.

That these dogma have converted into public policy and even law in such a short time says a lot for this Marxist tendency. That a socialist newspaper is now seeing the flaw in it, and is willing to speak out against it, as many right-wing media have been doing for some time, is remarkable.

Time for socialists to take action against gender stereotyping

There’s a popular social media meme going around that says “your rights are not like pie” — that giving rights to someone else does not take rights away from you. It’s a perfect illustration of how badly the trans rights issue is being misunderstood.

There is an exemption for “sex” in the 2010 Equality Act, which we can use to increase the participation of women in professional and political life.

There is also an exemption for “gender reassignment.” So, if you’re using the sex exemption to help women and you have, say, 50 funded training places for women, and hundreds of women apply for it, but you accept anyone who says they’re a women — ie males — under the sex exemption, instead of in a scheme based on the gender-reassignment exemption, you reduce the number of women you train.

Kay Green 17 October 2019

The call is being made for “gender identity” not to be “built into our law and enforced” and against “schools teaching children gender stereotypes as though they were something biological and inescapable”.

If you want to take part in the campaign against the politicisation of ‘gender’ have a read through the article and join up at the bottom.

In a related by slightly different post, Jezebel has an article

Of Course TERFs Have Found Common Cause With White Nationalists

They make the claim (without much foundation, as it turns out) that “Trans-exclusionary radical feminists (or TERFs) have in recent years partnered with right-wing groups in the United States in an effort to rollback and restrict the rights of trans people, and in particular trans women.”

One comment on “Socialists call to start fighting feminism

Svetlana Voreskova

I was intrigued by the idea of socialists opposing feminism given that feminism and socialism in my mind are inseperable. When I read the article in the Morning Star I realised it was written by a predictably confused socialist. The author calls for socialists to “rise above gender” but believes that protecting ring-fenced special areas and advantages for women is a way of doing that???

He is essentially complaining about men who access equal treatment to women in some areas by simply pretending to be women.

The reality is that socailists and feminists have truly shot themselves in the foot by unthinkingly jumping on the trans band-wagon. Now it is blowing up in their faces and forcing them to contradict their own doctrines even more than they always have done.

If the trans movement has done anything possitive it is in exposing feminist hypocrisy in often comical fashion. It is shouting the age old question load and clear – If feminists really believe that gender is a social construct, then why do they believe that special advantages and places for women are necessary?

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