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Sometimes, asking “what about the men” is the most obvious question

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Canada is not best known for caring about men. Even so, York University, in Toronto, Ontario are pushing matters with their toilet facilities.

The sign on the door reads:

This is a gender neutral washroom.
Everyone who identifies as a woman and/or trans* person may use this space.
Lassonde is an inclusive space where we respect everyone’s right to choose the washroom appropriate for them.

They say their faculties are “Among the finest anywhere”. May be, but clearly their facilities are not intended for the minority sex.

2 comments on “Sometimes, asking “what about the men” is the most obvious question

Just some confused person

I’m sorry, this item has left me confused. There are news reports from two years ago regarding provision of ‘gender neutral’ toilets at that establishment but nothing since, and indeed no comment on whether they’re meeting the needs of all students, whatever their sex.

So I’m just not sure which point is being made with this item, the thought process you maybe wish to initiate, an issue you’re seeking to highlight. I’m confused.


Perhaps your browser didn’t load the graphic? I have typed out the text from the doorway so that the point can, hopefully, be clear.

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