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Spanish helpline for victims of gender indoctrination

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The new service, called #TelefonoPINParental is established to give attention to victims of gender indoctrination in the classroom.

HazteOir.org announced the launch of the service in a press release just after mid-day on 29 January 2020.

The service will be running 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

The service against indoctrination

Anyone realising they are affected can telephone 663 700 989 to record an audio, or they can send messages via messengers.

This service aims to be a tool available to parents who want to defend their children from the emotional abuse that comes with the mandatory imposition of LGTBI dogmas or radical feminism.


Gender indoctrination in the classroom is a reality. For this reason, HateOir have decided to launch their service ‘Teléfono de Atención a las Víctimas de Adoctrinamiento de Género’ (‘Telephone for Assistance to Victims of Gender Indoctrination‘) ( #TelefonoPINParental ).

The #TelefonoPINParental is now operational, with the number 663 700 989, which citizens can call, record an audio or send messages by WhatsApp. In addition, affected people can also contact the association through the email victimasadoctrinamiento@hazteoir.org and in the Instagram account @denunciatucasodeadoctrinamiento.

The service is more than just a listener, however. It is fully prepared to be active in assisting students to overcome pressure to be indoctrinated, as the founder of HazteOir, Ignacio Arsuaga, explains:

We will keep a record of the cases, advise the victim to present the Parental PIN if they have not already done so. If you suffer any kind of discrimination, harassment or threat, we will defend you and provide you with a free legal service if you need it or if you want to start actions.

Ignacio Arsuaga

HazteOir.org has already denounced indoctrination in the classroom, very publicly with a bus. 

Three years ago HazteOir.org took a bus around the streets of Spain to defend the right of parents to educate children according to their values ​​against gender indoctrination. The vehicle was vandalized in many cities and there were the usual accusations of being against children, discrimination, homophobia, etc …

Time has shown that the message on the bus was right.

The words of Minister Celaá a few days ago were a finding that the fear that our association has expressed during these three years was more than justified. If the children are not from the parents, they are from the State, in this case from a social-communist government that wants to indoctrinate them.

Ignacio Arsuaga

23,000 schools receive the “PIN Parental”

The PIN Parental (note: ‘PIN’ is from Spanish and is not connected to the English ‘PIN’) is a document for parents to intercede in attempts to indoctrinate their child. A crude translation of the document is available from Men Webs, as is the original in Spanish.

HazteOir.org promoted the distribution of a document at the beginning of the 2019/2020 school year to 23,000 schools and institutes throughout Spain to inform the directors of the centres and the members of the Association of Parents of Students (AMPA) of each centre. All these initiatives are part of the campaign ‘Frente a los totalitarios, libertad: ¡PIN Parental YA!’ (‘Against the totalitarian, freedom: Parental PIN NOW!‘), with which the association is addressing the president of the PP, Pablo Casado; to the spokeswoman for Citizens, Inés Arrimadas; and to the president of Vox, Santiago Abascal.

For its part, the spokeswoman for the civic entity, Teresa García-Noblejas, said:

Parents are faced with a perverse model that does not allow them to expose the indoctrination suffered by their children in schools. In addition to the confusion, they live with the fear generated by presenting the Parental PIN for the fear of reprisals that children may suffer.

Examples of indoctrination in classrooms

Vimeo video in Spanish case 1 (pornography taught to young children).

Who are the politicians to deny parents the right to know the identity, the pedagogical qualification and the ideological approach of the individuals who give talks and Do you carry out emotional-sexual content workshops with your children?


Vimeo video in Spanish case 2 (cross-dressing/cross-genderism taught as good to slightly older children).

The Parental PIN is a parental veto. Parent’s legitimate protection of their children is threatened by gender ideology. Parents, students and many teachers are helpless: gender ideology activists can freely enter the classroom without the knowledge or authorisation of families, who are denied the possibility of knowing who, when and how they are doing to instil certain dogmas to their children.

spokeswoman for HazteOir.org

Facebook page in Spanish case 3 with some of the campaign work and obstacles to legal protest and boycott.

HazteOir.org is a civil association registered in Spain that is part of the CitizenGO Group.

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