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Syracuse University defends against federal Title IX lawsuit

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Syracuse University, New York, USA, filed a response Monday to a federal lawsuit from a former student who claims the university led an “inadequate and biased” Title IX investigation into a sexual assault complaint, reports The Daily Orange.

The plaintiff, referred to as John Doe, alleges in the November lawsuit that the University violated seven Title IX guidelines and showed extreme gender bias during the investigation because Doe was male, according to court documents. John Doe was not even identified until months afterwards, a black man supposedly in an alleyway.

Four university officials are listed as defendants in the lawsuit. These include the Chancellor, Kent Syverud, and the Assistant Dean of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs, Pamela Peter, who served as director of the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities at the time of the investigation.

Syracuse University submitted a request to dismiss all claims from Doe and present an oral argument in court. The university’s response claims that Doe did not have evidence that the University intentionally discriminated against him during the investigation based on his gender.

Doe was expelled due to a sexual assault complaint from Jane Roe, whose name was redacted during the investigation.

The police were apparently never involved, even though one student is alleged to have committed a serious crime against another, off campus.

In 2019 New York Govenor Andrew M. Cuomo called in outside assistance against racial hatred being spread on the campus. It seems that racial epithets are taken more seriously than a woman assaulted.

Syracuse University takes every alleged incident of sexual violence extremely seriously.

The University’s process to adjudicate sexual assault allegations is fully guided by federal and state law.

statement by Syracuse University

In November 2019, Chancellor Syverud suspended all social activities for fraternities on the basis of an allegation that a racist comment was made towards a woman. The complainant was unable to identify any of the men she said insulted her. That alleged incident was at least on campus.

According to a secret list that has come to light because of the John Doe case, over 40 students were expelled or suspended from Syracuse University for alleged sexual misconduct over a recent four-year span. These included cases of alleged assault against men by women.

We thank mensactivism.org for highlighting this news.

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