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Macron Seeks to Invent an Abortion Right for Europe… and for the World Carlos Beltramo, PhD, of the Population Research Institute reports The President of France, who has no children of his own, doesn’t want you to have any either The chairmanship of the Council of the European Union rotates among the countries of the Read more…

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The difference between China and much of the rest of the world is that Communist leaders were not content to let demographic changes occur naturally. Instead, the party embarked upon a brutal population-control policy that — by forcibly sterilising and aborting hundreds of millions of women — greatly accelerated China’s demographic collapse.

In what might be a world first, the UK is to allow all people who have lost a child two weeks leave. The law will apply to all working parents who lose a child under 18. Losing a child includes some stillbirths. An estimated 10,000 working parents a year suffer the tragedy of childhood mortality. Read more…

Rally for the right to life Teresa Martínez y Rosanda Grau hablaron en el State House for New Jersey Right to Life y compartieron sus historias. Teresa Martinez and Rosanda Grau spoke at the State House for New Jersey Right to Life and shared their stories. It’s 2020. We have the scientific equipment showing us Read more…

German journalist Gunnar Schupelius has organised a ‘March for Life’ parade every year for some years now. As a journalist he occasionally writes about the need for nations to be at peace, and for dialog over violence at all times. So it is perhaps not too surprising that he has been targeted by feminists for Read more…

Trump Admin Tells UN “There is No International Right to Abortion. Everyone Has a Right to Life”

The UNFPA is the organisation that stated openly that the broken family is a “triumph of human rights”. It’s time other nations stopped funding this dreadful organisation.

Hillary Clinton Claims: “I Would Have Been a Much Better, More Successful President”

Hillary Clinton Claims: “I Would Have Been a Much Better, More Successful President”

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