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Human Rights And Wrongs

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In the past two decades, there has been a growing demand for a Minister for Men. There have even been a few calls within the political elites. Just because there are more men then women serving as MPs does not mean that men’s issues get raised. Indeed, quite the opposite, as the continuing struggle to Read more…

Sales marketers, advertisers and politicians are masters of manipulating our cognitive bias towards the familiar. And the familiar doesn’t have to be factual to become the accepted truth.

Oddly, complaining about it can do the opposite to what is desired, as it repeats the original lie. This is a propaganda coup, since getting people to ask if something is the truth (were the Twin Towers destroyed by planes?) actually reinforces that it is the truth.

All it takes to remove the lie is to follow the same tactic of repetition to put facts back in the position of truth.

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