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Franklin Graham, evangelist son of the late Billy Graham, has had confirmed venues for his UK tour pull out because he has called gay marriage “a sin”. Liverpool ACC, Glasgow Hydro, Arena Birmingham, Sheffield Arena, Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes, Utilita Arena in Newcastle and ICC Wales in Cardiff have all cancelled events in the American Read more…

Many good families add up to a good society.

The foundation of society is the building block that society is made from, the family. The family is made secure by commitment between the adults; commitment to raise children together, look after one another, build a home and financial security to cover life’s emergencies and for old age. Commitment is assisted by public vows to Read more…

A prominent gay intellectual and one of the first to call for same-sex marriage in his 1989 book ‘Virtually Normal’, has sounded a warning about the fast rise of transgenderism and the harm it is doing, particularly among young people.

Detransitioning is a growing issue and young women appear to be the most seriously affected.

Is it time we went back to reality?

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