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21 March each year is the day the United Nations observes International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. The day aims to remind people of the negative consequences of racial discrimination. It also encourages people to remember their obligation and determination to combat racial discrimination. The International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination Read more…

हाई काेर्ट ने कहा- महिलाओं के पास पुरुषाें की “नजर’ पहचानने का प्राकृतिक उपहार होता है वकील: पीड़िता को पैर लगे, यह गलती हो सकती है, उत्पीड़न की मंशा नहीं थी एक नाबालिग अभिनेत्री ने एक व्यापारी पर आरोप लगाया जो यात्रा करते समय उसके पीछे बैठा था, जानबूझकर उसे छू रहा था। अभिनेत्री ने Read more…

There is a fine line that is being danced in ensuring that people are not persecuted for their religion. Nobody should be persecuted or disadvantaged because of religious faith they hold, so long as that religious faith is not in conflict with the organisations they voluntarily belong to. An employer should not discriminate on the Read more…

European Court of Justice rules that Spain is unjust towards men Women-only pension supplement breached EU equal treatment rules Spanish social security has a rule that people who have a permanent incapacity while caring for children are eligible for a 5% supplementary payment. By ‘people’ they mean women. Only women. A man known only as WA, Read more…

Canada is not best known for caring about men. Even so, York University, in Toronto, Ontario are pushing matters with their toilet facilities. The sign on the door reads: This is a gender neutral washroom.Everyone who identifies as a woman and/or trans* person may use this space.Lassonde is an inclusive space where we respect everyone’s Read more…

La plataforma HazteOir.org quiere reivindicar, con motivo del Día Internacional sobre la violencia de género, que se celebra este lunes, 25 de noviembre 2019, que “la violencia no tiene género”. “No hay que hablar de ‘violencia de género’. Y la nefasta ley que la pretende regular con bastante poco éxito (Ley Orgánica de Protección Integral Read more…

On the International Day on gender violence, which was held last Monday, 25 November 2019, the Spanish HazteOir.org (be heard) media sent the message that “violence does not have gender”. This does not intend, in any way, to claim violence against women exerted by violent men who call themselves men when they are animals. The Read more…

The United Nations say that 94 percent of minors in bondage worldwide are male.
If 94% of imprisoned children were female, that would be a huge gender issue and proof of the oppression of women. So, which sex is it that is being oppressed in the world?

The Department of Gender Equality announced the girls’ parliament and the masculinity attack under the heading of “In Basel, gender stereotypes are broken up”. What they are actually doing is creating new stereotypes, with one sex on the bottom of the pile.

A disabled veteran stands up for his rights

Representing oneself in court is very difficult, let alone in a Title IX case where a wide array of facts, procedures and legal precedent must be carefully laid out.

It’s all the more noteworthy that a disabled veteran suing his former university for anti-male bias has successfully represented himself, to the point where his lawsuit will move into discovery.

Hillary Clinton Claims: “I Would Have Been a Much Better, More Successful President”

Hillary Clinton Claims: “I Would Have Been a Much Better, More Successful President”

It seems that the Swedish university is keeping to the letter of the law in opening up job positions to both men and women. However, only women will be accepted because only female professors will have any funding.

The German paper De Welt (The World) reports on a survey of salaries of Germany’s top 30 companies trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (the DAX market).

From this, we see that if men earn more than women, that’s discrimination. But when women earn more than men “the gender pay gap is closed”.

There are times I really miss the late ‘Angry Harry’. A gentle-speaking man full of determination and conviction yet always willing to discuss. I miss our talks. Anyway, here is one of his many timeless articles, for which I’m sure he’d be happy for me to be re-publishing.
Most of what you need to know about feminism is here — where you will learn the truth about the feminist agenda.

The main vote in the coming UK election will be about Brexit – the choice of whether to be in or out of the European Union and if out, how much out. But there is a bigger issue even than financial considerations: just how much more will Britons accept men and boys being disadvantaged by their government?

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