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Human Rights And Wrongs

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‘Submitting to my husband like it’s 1959′: Why I became a #TradWife For most of human history, men and women worked for their own benefit, for that of their children and undoubtedly to the benefit of the society they lived in. With the industrial revolution came there was a move to long hard labour in Read more…

The United Nations say that 94 percent of minors in bondage worldwide are male.
If 94% of imprisoned children were female, that would be a huge gender issue and proof of the oppression of women. So, which sex is it that is being oppressed in the world?

There are many websites of interest to those wanting to find out more about human rights issues, human wrongs issues, and associated discrimination and disadvantages. We list some of them here. Not all are still active but if not, they hold material of interest.Some of these websites are also good for helping those who want Read more…

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