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Tag: Genderama

Before taking his customary Christmas Break, Arne Hoffman gives a roundup of how he saw 2019 from Germany, including highlights of world events.

The police crime statistics recorded for the whole of Germany in 2018 show slightly more than 611,000 male and just over 414,000 female victims.
But the main media ignore these figures and instead consistently reduce the problem to “violence against women”. Thanks to the Greens, women now receive a taxi voucher in Munich, while the far greater number of male victims (who are still expected to pay a woman’s costs on a date) once again run out of money.

The Department of Gender Equality announced the girls’ parliament and the masculinity attack under the heading of “In Basel, gender stereotypes are broken up”. What they are actually doing is creating new stereotypes, with one sex on the bottom of the pile.

The new video-on-demand service “Apple Tv Plus” has just launched the first four self-produced series. Apparently, the topics “girl power” and “gender equality” are worked in, rather unfittingly. “Intentionally pressed in”, judges the Youtube channel “Serienflash”  (in German). Genderama, German blog

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