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Tag: genital mutilation

Seham Abd El-Salam is a confused Egyptian scholar who believes that “Feminism … is there to build new and fairer social politics for both genders”. Nevertheless, Seham has done some research on the area of male and female genital mutilations and comes to some unusual conclusions. This article is an extract of the report ‘The Read more…

Some men, even knowing what they have lost, are not bothered about it. Some feel deeply about it, sometimes leading to sexual problems such as apathy and impotence. For most, the damage is physical, with a loss of sensation that — if they were operated on as a baby or young child — they might not be aware of. The psychological damage is barely investigated, but is known to range from an increased tendency to clinical anxiety to deep problems over body image, personal independence, and masculinity.

It is a parental right to being up children to follow our religion and culture. It is crossing the line of human rights for parents to force their religion upon a child, mentally or physically. Physically adjusting a child to fit a parental preference is a human wrong.

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