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Human Rights And Wrongs

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To have human rights respected, they must appear reasonable and feasible. They need to be matched by human responsibilities and societal rights, and rights must be enforceable.

There are many websites of interest to those wanting to find out more about human rights issues, human wrongs issues, and associated discrimination and disadvantages. We list some of them here. Not all are still active but if not, they hold material of interest.Some of these websites are also good for helping those who want Read more…

Iceland is considered exemplary in terms of equal rights. It reported that the country was number one in the Gender Gap Report. News media has called the country a feminist paradise. However, as is often the case here, a crooked picture emerges. For example, Iceland is also a leader in other ways: The number of Read more…

Concerns are raised about the nature of the “consent” people provide when giving over an extraordinary range of information about themselves, to be used for commercial gain by private companies.

World report This is an aggregation of news from over 100 sources worldwide. It is updated frequently, some sources being updated every two hours. Sources which provide only aggregations themselves are excluded. If you think we have a source missing, or would like to host this aggregation on your own website, let us know using Read more…

Addressing issues where human rights have gone wrong About Human Rights And Wrongs This blog is hosted by Men’s Web to spread the information needed on human rights and on human wrongs. Men’s Web and Human Rights And Wrongs is not aligned with any political or charitable organisation, and cared for by volunteers. If you Read more…

In this course you will explore the role of social movements, advocacy groups and different forms of activism in bringing about change.

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