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European Court of Justice rules that Spain is unjust towards men Women-only pension supplement breached EU equal treatment rules Spanish social security has a rule that people who have a permanent incapacity while caring for children are eligible for a 5% supplementary payment. By ‘people’ they mean women. Only women. A man known only as WA, Read more…

I’m now going to explain why women having the same retirement age as men is NOT equality. My proof for this is based on the United Kingdom but I believe much the same result would come from looking at any country’s data, other than Mexico.

Of course, the UK could start to fund men’s health programs in the way it does women’s. That would increase the average longevity for men and be a far better solution. In the meantime, let’s not pretend that women have been made to be equal to men in state retirement benefits: there’s still a gender pension gap.

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