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The issue of romances that start up by people meeting at work has come to the fore recently, as a MacDonald’s boss has lost his £12 million a year job.
But life — and attraction between the sexes — isn’t like that.
Which way will other countries go? Will they choose to allow companies to dictate to people in a way that has caused civil war in the past, or will the people insist on their right to a private life?

Japanese women are attacking men in increasing numbers, sometimes fatally.
Overall, Japan has seen a decrease in suicide in recent years. However, for men, there is a distinct increase.

It’s a subject many men don’t feel they have a say in. It’s a subject that many people openly say that men don’t belong in.
Yet it remains a strong manifesto item of the only political party in the English-speaking world to specifically stand up for men and boys.
Unless a man has a say, we can’t be surprised that he doesn’t want much to do with the whole risky family idea.

The new Shell Youth Study, which says that today’s youth are more traditional in their ideas about work and parenting than “politics sometimes want them to be”.

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