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Turning Point are changing minds

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UK campuses, like those of most Western nations, have had a preponderance of left-wing thinkers for several decades. Human rights are best represented by all forms of thinking, otherwise a descent into human wrongs is all too easy.

We are pleased to note that Turning Point UK (TPUK) have been active on campuses and the rest of this article is from an email they sent out recently.

We are changing minds on UK campuses!

An election is on its way and our work now becomes more important than ever. In 2017, nearly two out of three under- thirties voted for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party. The youth are supposedly the left’s greatest asset – and we are doing everything we can to fight this.

And you know what’s interesting? As we go onto campuses, we are finding that many of the students are delighted to see TPUK’s presence and are fed up with the radical leftist bias that is so often shoved down their throats on campus.

Through our combination of social media content, live events and building TPUK societies on campuses, we are seriously changing hearts and minds about the perils of socialism and the importance of conservative values.

We’ve also been active on uni campuses around the country, demonstrating and drumming up support for conservatism and capitalism across the land. Here are some of our best photos from different campuses around the UK as we help to build TPUK student movements on each campus:

We have also held successful live events. We held a Q&A panel at Imperial College, in conjunction with the Imperial Conservative Society. This was a great opportunity for us to showcase our TPUK personalities. It featured our influencers Dominique Samuels and Joel Chilaka, as well as the increasingly popular conservative YouTuber Mahyar Tousi. 


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